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Sonoma County holiday small shops guide

Originally published Nov 30, 2020

2 THINGS are important:

• Health & safety for yourself and others

• Support local merchants so they can survive COVID restrictions.

COVID has either wiped out small businesses or put them so at risk that making it through winter could be impossible. It’s normally important to support our local economy, but this year is ESSENTIAL.

I know, sitting at home on your computer is the safest shopping you can do. And in some cases, you can shop a local merchant on the web. But for others, you have to walk through their door to find what you want.

Many shops have signs on the door or cords draped across the entrance to limit the number of people in the store at one time. Please be patient. Your turn will come when someone is ready to leave.

Use the hand sanitizer at the door as you enter and as you leave. Wear your mask.

Other than these restrictions, you should be able to enjoy your experience like always. Keep your 6-foot distance, follow the rules, and have a great time being out while accomplishing your task.

And that’s what shopping is.…an experience. After being cooped up for so long, consider it a gift you are giving yourself. And yes, you may even find something you can’t resist along the way. But the real gift is the time you spend exploring Sonoma County shops. If you have a “pod” of safe friends and family, take someone along to make the journey that much more fulfilling.

Holidays are about sharing time, pleasure, experiences and gifts.


Here are LINKS to articles in this year’s Holiday Guide

- AND a LINK to an online version of the printed guide so you can flip through the pages of our guide. Please take a LOOK at our Advertisers display ads so you can support the small businesses who make it possible to produce this guide. THANK YOU & Happy Holidays! ~ Vesta Copestakes

Holiday Craft Fairs & Maker Fairs - There are many less fairs this year due to COVID safety restrictions, so the ones you find here have been especially careful to make it safe for you to attend to find unique gifts created by local artists and crafters.


What IS a Gift - One of the many lesson we teach our children is the art of gift giving.Who is the person? What does the person like to do, to eat, to enjoy, to see, to play with, etc. We always start with how well do you know someone so when you give a gift, the person will want to receive it.


Sonoma County Mask-Makers - Seamstresses went to work when COVID hit, sewing masks for people when there were no N95s left for healthcare workers. The rest of us could have a 3-layer cotton mask with a carbon filter pocket.


GIFTS that Repair & Renew - How well do you know the people to whom you are purchasing holiday gifts? What gets that person excited? What inspires that person in ways that bring him/her joy. What’s important to this gift recipient? Knowing the answers to these questions is a critical part of gift-giving.


Hometown Hardware Stores - Every person who lives in a house needs hardware, whether it’s tools or materials to fix needs to be maintained and we get what we need at hardware stores.


Why Ornament Swap is a great idea this year - Ornaments tell stories and bring families together, especially when your favorite people are far apart.


Hand made & carefully chosen merchandise - From crochet sweaters to woven scarves beaded bracelets to sparkly earrings, hand-crafted pottery to skillfully built furniture, blown glass, fused glass to stained glass window art...Sonoma County has a wealth of artists and crafters of exceptional talent.


We can do this…and have a very fun holiday!

and here’s the shipping deadlines if you have gifts to send....

Download printable holiday shipping deadlines chart:

2020 holiday-shipping-deadlines.pdf

Our Small Shops Guide has become an annual tradition or us and for Gazette readers for the last 18 years. COVID has seriously impacted our small shops so we are especially fervent in our desire to ask you to please go out...SAFELY - wear your mask, sanitize your hands BEFORE you enter a store so you don’t touch merchandise with tainted hands - and HAVE FUN while you shop for presents that support our locally-owned stores.

Small Shops of Sonoma County ADVERTISERS INDEX

Open or Download the small shops guide MAP to reference with list of shops below.

SCGazette SS 2020 WEB map-10 copy.pdf

Download the shop list to print and take with you.

Small Shops of Sonoma County.pdf

Download map-list combo

SCGazette Small Shops 2020 map and list-small.pdf

1 - Beekind
921 Gravenstein Hwy. So. Sebastopol

2 - Cloverdale Nursery
216 So. Cloverdale Blvd., Cloverdale

3 -Graton Gallery
9048 Graton Rd., Graton

4 - Guerneville 5 & 10
16252 Main St., Guerneville

5 - Heritage Salvage
11473 Petaluma Ave. So. Petaluma

6 - Ideal Hardware
631 Front Street St., Forestville

7 - Kindred Fair Trade
605 4th St., Santa Rosa

8 - Made Local Marketplace
529 4th St., Santa Rosa

9 - Monte-Bellaria di California
3518 Bloomfield Rd. Sebastopol

10 - Nightingale Breads
6665 Front St., Forestville

11 - Russian River Glass Images
16369 Main St., Guerneville

12 - Sebastopol Gallery
150 N. Main St., Sebastopol

13 - Sebastopol Senior Center
137 So. Main St, Sebastopol
STORE 167 N. High St - CENTER

14 - Sonoma County Regional Parks
2300 County Ctr Dr., Santa Rosa

15 - Stewards of the Coast & Redwoods
Jenner Nature Store, 10451 CA-1, Jenner
PO Box 2, Duncans Mills, CA 95430 707-869-9177

16 - Stones Throw Gifts
8278 Old Redwood Hwy., Cotati

17 - Treats & Toys
25373 Steelhead Blvd., Duncans Mills

18 - Union Hotel & Restaurant
3731 Main St., Occidental

19 - Upstairs Gallery
306 Center St. St., Healdsburg

20 - Wild Birds Unlimited
71 Brookwood Ave., Santa Rosa

See the link above the list to download the map and print it.
See the link above the list to download the map and print it.

Open or Download a large version of this map

SCGazette SS 2020 WEB map-10 copy.pdf

Download the shop list to print and take with you.


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