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About the Sonoma County Gazette

By the community, for the community

The Sonoma County Gazette is 100% Sonoma County local news featuring articles, commentaries, analyses and events highlighting issues that impact our home. The Gazette educates and inspires readers to actively participate in community life.

Our mantra at the Gazette? To build community with compassion, reason and logic. We don’t strive to be your breaking news source. But we are excited to be your community-first news resource, presenting the intimate, newsworthy stories about the community you love the most: yours.

We publish Resource Guides to Sonoma County-owned businesses throughout the year, both in print and online: Small Shops of Sonoma County that comes out in December and the Sonoma County Gardener's Resource Guide comes out in March.

Logic and compassion encouraged.

Our community is a passionate one. We rally together and speak up for what we feel is right and just.

Now more than ever, it is also important to bring logic and compassion to the forefront of our discussions and our rallies. Logic and compassion are as mighty of tools as passion and often get us further along in meaningful discourse.

The beauty of newspapers is our duty to uphold the First Amendment, but our duty as citizens is to remember to bring logic and compassion to that right as well. We don’t accept hate speech, libel or falsehoods at the Gazette, but we do encourage every corner of every issue to have a safe space for dialogue; we all deserve a seat in our community.

Supported by the community

The Sonoma County Gazette is 100% advertiser supported and FREE to readers. Our advertisers are why this paper exists.

For a current list of where to pick up a copy of the print edition at 1000 newsstands and local businesses, please visit Find the Gazette. We print and distribute 27,000 magazines County-Wide from Cloverdale to Petaluma and Sonoma to the Coast, estimating our print and on-line readership at approximately 100,000 readers.

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Managed by community members

The Sonoma County Gazette continues to be published and edited by a local female leader in our community.

Meet the publisher/editor: Amie Windsor

Amie and her family. Missing: chickens and the cat. Amie Windsor photo.
Amie and her family. Missing: chickens and the cat. Amie Windsor photo.

Amie Windsor has been the publisher since October 2020. Prior to being named publisher, Amie was a consistent freelance writer for the Sonoma County Gazette, offering insights into her life, most often as a mother of two young daughters. Throughout her time in Sonoma County, Amie has served as the development associate for Social Advocates for Youth, the Field Representative for Fifth District Supervisor Lynda Hopkins and as a community newspaper reporter for Sonoma West Publishers and the Independent Coast Observer. Amie lives in Sebastopol with her husband Jason, her two daughters and rather large armful of pets, including a dog, cat and seven chickens.

Meet your marketing representative: Rachel Evans-Fudem

Meet your account manager and ad layout guru: Olivia Basso

Olivia has been an account manager with Sonoma Media Investments since 2017. Since SMI acquired the Gazette, she has been dedicated to serving the Gazette’s advertisers. She is also responsible for perfecting ad creativity and layout. When she isn’t hanging out in Gazette land, Olivia enjoys spending her time with her sister. If you’re ever looking to chat about the Marvel Universe, Olivia is your person.

Meet the webmaster: Roger Coryell

Roger is a self-proclaimed digital marketer/media-person, broadcaster and crazy dog person. Roger comes from a newspaper family, has experience in radio and runs a destination marketing agency in all of his spare time out of Guerneville, where he lives with his wife.

Want to help build the community?

Open writing positions:

Rohnert Park Town Columnist

Mark West Springs Town Columnist

Please email Amie Windsor with CV, resume and portfolio examples if interested.