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Please contact Amie Windsor, publisher at or 707-521-5218 with ideas, questions, thoughts and more!

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Join the Gazette community of writers!
Join the Gazette community of writers!

Articles, calendar, letters, etc. must be submitted by the third week of every month please see DEADLINE schedule. Please see the article submission guidelines below:

Submit an ARTICLE

Our print edition comes out once a month and is distributed free to nearly 800 newsstands, cafés, coffee shops, restaurants and stores countywide from Sonoma to Bodega Bay and Cloverdale to Petaluma.

Our website is updated daily with fresh news that’s important to the community you care about the most: Sonoma County.

Article submission guidelines

Our pages are packed so please keep the article to 700 words - or less with subheads and images (500 words with photos). Send them to as attached WORD documents AND copy and paste them into the body of your e-mail so we KNOW that we have what you want to submit. We cannot promise that your article will see ink on paper (we get more articles than we have room to print) but we can get your article on our website. Word limits are less stringent on the web. Images that you provide can be used on our website so please send all that you wish us to have.

Calendar submission guidelines

Looking to place an announcement in our community calendar? Check out the Community Calendar page for directions and information! Or, email for help.