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The Sonoma County Gazette is built, written, photographed and created by the community, for the community. It truly is a living, breathing reflection of those who live and work in Sonoma County. The small but mighty team that works at the Gazette work hard to live up to the mantra under our masthead: Making space for everyone. Compassion and logic encouraged.

With that in mind, we encourage you to sit down and follow that burning desire you’ve always had to write about sea kelp or goat cheese or local fashion trends pertaining to linen.

Perhaps none of those tickle your fancy and you much prefer to talk about real estate, business, social justice, or highlighting the 3,000 nonprofits we have this county.

Here at the Gazette, there’s room for everyone. After all, a community newspaper is about creating dialogue among those who live and work in the very streets and houses of the community it serves. We invite you to be part of that community every month. Download the editorial calendar and send your submission to