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ALL submissions must have a complete name, address and phone number. All material in this publication is copyrighted by The Sonoma County Gazette and by the individual contributors. We respect your privacy and do not share your information with third parties except where required by law. We may publish your name online with Articles or Comments you submit to us.

IMPORTANT: Image Copyright - you MUST have the rights to display any image you provide to us ONLINE or in our PRINT EDITION. You will be responsible for any Copyright Infringement costs and damages that may arise from Images you provide to display either ONLINE or in our PRINT EDITION. WARNING: many images that say they are free of copyright online may actually be copyright protected.

Our Website requires REGISTRATION/LOGIN to post COMMENTS to articles and to post EVENTS to our calendar. Forms request that you provide us with information that personally identifies you as a user of our site. We DO NOT share your information with advertisers or any other third parties, and DO NOT store cookies to target web advertisers. You may UPDATE or CHANGE your information at any time.

You are responsible for content so please PROOF your submissions carefully and provide us with ALL information you want listed for your event. Use the form as your guide. The more information you provide, the more readers will know about your event. Our website has plenty of room for your material - but when we export for print, we edit heavily according to the space we have available in our print edition calendar. We also edit content if we feel it needs attention. We reserve the right to REFUSE if we deem it inappropriate for the Gazette.

If you choose to purchase a listing that does not qualify for FREE listings ($25 ticket price or benefit for a Good Cause), we will confirm your total fee and you will be able to make a payment on our secure site. You will be able to see a payment link next to your event in your events list (when you log in to the Sonoma County Gazette), and we will also send you an email. (Rates are subject to change) Your information is SECURE and we DO NOT save your credit information. All sales are FINAL. If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for using the Gazette to reach our community with your message.

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