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Hometown Hardware Stores

Every person who lives in a house needs hardware, whether it’s tools or materials to fix needs to be maintained and we get what we need at hardware stores. I always encourage people to shop at locally-owned stores, so I chose hardware stores as my category to search for useful gifts this year. And yes, Ace, True Value, and Do It Best Co-op are locally-owned franchises, so they have access to MORE STUFF! If it’s not in stock, they can order it for you!

Sonoma County has some of the very best hardware stores for most items you need. Even the small ones carry generators for power shut-downs, BBQs, kitchenware, paint and brushes, plants, and of course...hardware like nails, screws & tools. Unless you need lumber, you can pretty much get what you need at your local store, and some even have lumber as well!

We have a wide selection of the kind of hardware store people like visiting. The classic woods floors, narrow aisles and stuff you find nowhere else. These stores reflect the personality of the owners/managers in their selection of items on shelves and how they create spaces for customers to browse.

I have several favorite hardware stores and one is simply because it’s MINE, my town, therefore my store. Another favorite because of the unique items they sell. And another because they really try to be as broad-spectrum as they can, even with limited space.

MY hardware store is Ideal Hardware in Forestville. Owned by Robbie Baba who took over when his father, Bob, retired. The Baba Boys are infamous in Forestville. Robbie puts careful attention into offering us what we need when mid-project on weekends and to what tourists need when staying at a vacation rental nearby. His oiled wooden floors welcome you with warmth and tradition. His offerings satisfy most needs without leaving town. And over the holidays he offers Baba Bucks that you cash in after the new year has begun.

Rex Ace Hardware in Petaluma also has classic wood floors and takes merchandising to a high level. They even have Radio Flyer wagons! Their salt & pepper shaker collection is legendary. Yes, tools, supplies, but GIFTS as well. Prepare to enjoy yourself while shopping.

Fort Value - A True Value hardware store in Larkfield/Wikiup that features military surplus plus a wide variety of very interesting objects you will find in no other hardware store!
Fort Value - A True Value hardware store in Larkfield/Wikiup that features military surplus plus a wide variety of very interesting objects you will find in no other hardware store!

Here’s one you may not know about. It’s a True Value on the corner of Airport Boulevard and Old Redwood Highway in Larkfield/Wikiup. It is 100% UNIQUE! I would never have known about this place if not for my friend Sam. Like me, she was a hardware store junkie...“ have to check this one out!” The variety of inventory is astounding....EVERYTHING you need and I mean EVERYTHING...even white tarps! BUT - they also have military surplus from ammo boxes to clothing. Strange objects to art objects - yes, polish quartz globes on a shelf at the end by the paint section. Redwood slabs, bullet casings, the strangest and most wondrous things that you can’t figure out what it’s for, all carefully shelved and labeled amid shelf after shelf of every hardware item you could ever need or want. THIS is an EXPERIENCE!

Garrett Hardware in Windsor & Healdsburg, and Sebastopol Hardware (in Sebastopol) have similar approaches to being as broad spectrum as you could possibly need with very helpful staff to help you find the items you came for. Go ahead, wander about! It’s like going to the grocery store with a small list and coming away with more.

Each of these businesses have extensions to their main buildings so the farther you wander the more you find. Garrett even has The Gift Horse that goes all out for kitchen and garden decor, and even a pet section that sells birds so you can hear them chirping as you get close! Sebastopol takes it one step further and has a full pet store with everything pet, including tanks with fish! And this time of year they have their Holiday Tent up with all kinds of Christmas decorations and ornaments!

Parson’s Lumber & Hardware is my favorite when I’m in east county, which I used to be frequently to repair newsstands. Invariably I would need something I hadn’t brought with me. They became my go-to place because they are so friendly and extremely helpful. They look small from the front but they even have a lumber yard!

You may think that sending people to hardware stores is an odd way to suggest gifts, but I believe fervently that gifts can be useful as well as luxuries people wouldn’t buy for themselves. When we get back to the concept of gift-giving that enhances someone’s life, hardware stores are an excellent resource.

And yes, Friedman’s Home Improvement is locally-owned and more impressive than any Home Depot you ever visited. The place is AMAZING! You can remodel a house with what you can get at that place! And speaking of locally owned hardware stores that you can literally build a house when shopping there - try Mead Clark Lumber Co Inc. in south Santa Rosa. It’s where building contractors shop so like choosing an ethnic restaurant to find quality ethnic dining - try shopping at a store where building professionals shop!

Seriously - think of the people who you want to gift this season and you will find that many of them will be happy with what you find in a hardware store. Just go, wander the aisles and be impressed with how these store owners work hard to satisfy both your needs and your wants. GO FOR IT!

Friedman’s Home Improvement
• 4055 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, (707) 584-7811
• 1360 Broadway, Sonoma (707) 939-8811
• 429 N. McDowell Blvd. Petaluma (707) 774-8400

M. Maselli & Sons Hardware
519 Lakeville St, Petaluma
(707) 763-1562
BONUS: big scrap yard for steel pipes, beams & more.

Sebastopol Hardware features a Holiday Tent  set up in their front parking lot just for decorations galore!
Sebastopol Hardware features a Holiday Tent set up in their front parking lot just for decorations galore!

Occidental Hardware - Do It Best Co-op
3799 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental
(707) 874-3441

Parsons Lumber & Hardware
17800 Sonoma Hwy, Sonoma
(707) 996-1008

Sebastopol Hardware Center
660 Gravenstein Hwy N, Sebastopol
(707) 823-7688


True Value Hardware of Larkfield Fort Value (Facebook name)
115 Lystra Ct, Larkfield-Wikiup
(707) 545-8380

Fort Value - True Value military surplus section
Fort Value - True Value military surplus section

Ideal Hardware
6631 Front St, Forestville
(707) 887-7561

Dada’s True Value of Guerneville
15600 River Rd, Guerneville
(707) 869-2832

Village True Value Hardware
4257 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa
(707) 539-1600


Bennett Valley Ace Hardware
2739 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa
(707) 524-2515

Cloverdale Ace Hardware
750 S Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale
(707) 894-2165

Garrett Ace Hardware
The Supply Store - tools & equipment, Healdsburg & Windsor
The Gift Horse, Healdsburg - home & garden
• 10540 Old Redwood Hwy, Windsor (707) 433-6590
• 1340 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg (707) 433-5593

Guerneville Fulton Ace Hardware
2551 Guerneville Rd, Santa Rosa
(707) 525-8635

Mission Ace Hardware & Lumber
4310 Sonoma Hwy, Santa Rosa
(707) 539-7070

REX Ace Hardware
313 B St, Petaluma
(707) 762-7355

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