LOCAL GUIDE to Cannabis Dispensaries and Delivery Services

While we still have to figure out where to grow this product people want - and need - finding it is less challenging than it used to be. Regulations mean people can purchase products that are clean, grown without chemicals, grown by farmers who are responsible stewards of the environment, sold by people who purchase product from environmentally & socially conscious individuals.

The product is being measured, identified and regulated so we know what we’re purchasing. When I want a 4% beer I can look at the label. Now you can look at the label of your cannabis product. Do you want THC for the high? You can get 4% or 10% just like beer. You don’t want to get high, just want to de-stress, numb pain, sleep…get CBD products defined for the purpose.

WANT TO KNOW MORE? Here's a LINK to an informative article with CBD Statistics and Facts: https://loudcloudhealth.com/cbd-statistics-infographic/

We’ve come a long way. Here’s a LOCAL GUIDE for WHERE to purchase cannabis. products:

All dispensaries have verified their information. Please let us know if any of this information needs to be updated. THANK YOU



DISPENSARIES (delivery services below)

Alternatives - A Health Collective, 1603 Hampton Way Santa Rosa

707-525-1420, alternativescollective.com

Hours: 9am-9pm Daily. Our mission is to help people feel better, experience more, and enjoy life. We offer education and information. Let our experts match our locally grown, organic, high potency cannabis at great prices to your personal goals and needs.

Emerald Pharms, 13771 S.US-101, Hopland

707-669-4819, emeraldpharms.com

Hours: Daily 10am – 6pm. 12-acre “permaculture oasis,” solar-powered medical marijuana dispensary and resource center that specializes in regional heirloom genetics and has an extensive selection of high quality, lab-tested CBD-rich and THC products, including edibles, topicals, tinctures, sublingual sprays, gel caps, and strain-specific vape oil cartridges, as well as flower, seeds, and clones.

Fiddler’s Greens, Sonoma County, fiddlers-greens.com

We have one goal: to bring you the purest, most effective health and wellness remedies available…sustainably-grown, solvent and pesticide-free, whole, fresh flower-based products. Every harvest is laboratory tested multiple times throughout the process to ensure that every remedy is toxin-free and provides a consistent dose of effective ingredients. Where to FIND our products: fiddlers-greens.com/where-to-find-us/

Flora Terra, 1825 Empire Industrial Court, Ste A, Santa Rosa

707-978-5978, floraterraca.com/

At Flora Terra, we turned the old school dispensary model on its head by curating a space for education, connection, and style to flourish. Located in the resilient and beautiful neighborhood of Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park, Flora Terra is an expression of our community, our values, and our future. Engineered with the highest standards in green building, Flora Terra was designed to stimulate relaxation and creativity. Stepping away from decades of secrecy and stigma, the environment at Flora Terra is inviting, open, and educational. An organic space where friends can gather, Flora Terra showcases premium edibles, topicals, extracts, and flower from California’s best craft cannabis brands.

Mercy Wellness, 7950 Redwood Dr. Ste. 8, Cotati

707-795-1600, mercywellness.com

Hurs: Daily 10am - 7 pm, We are committed to providing safe access to the highest quality Cannabis flower and products, Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis products for qualified members. We treat customers courteously, with integrity and respect. Save time, order online, pickup in store. We are a cash only dispensary. A valid government ID is required upon visit.

MendoCann - Natural Cannabis, 13325 S. Hwy 101, Hopland


Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat/Sun 10am – 6pm. Flowers, extracts, edibles for members in a safe, clean, and friendly environment for all our clients.

OrganiCann – Natural Cannabis, 301 East Todd Rd. Santa Rosa

707-588-8811, naturalcannabis.com

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat/Sun 10am – 6pm. Flowers, extracts, edibles for members in a safe, clean, and friendly environment for all our clients.

Redwood Herbal Alliance, 5270 Aero Drive, Santa Rosa

707-528-3632, Email: redherb@sonic.net

Hours: 11am to 7pm Mon - Fri, 12pm-6pm on Saturdays. Closest Dispensary to Windsor and Healdsburg area. We have a variety of Quality Medicinal Strains available to Qualified Patients priced to fit everyone’s budget! Check us out in Larkfield.

Riverside Wellness, 15025 River Rd. Guerneville

707-869-8008, riversidewellness.net

We are a locally and family owned collective, serving Sonoma County for 18 years. You can depend on us to provide a curated selection of artisan handcrafted organic medical-grade cannabis products. We are dedicated and passionate in our desire to provide access to knowledgeable, patient, empathetic and friendly professional to help you find exactly what you need.

Seed 2 Soul LLC, 1215 South Cloverdale Blvd, Cloverdale

855-707-5150, seed2soul.com

“Quality Products You Can Trust”. North Sonoma County’s Licensed Type 6 manufacturing, distribution, transportation and nursery. NorCal Sun-grown products, Farm-2-Table-style and the Seed 2 Soul way. Our vision: Health before Wealth.

Solful, 785 Gravenstein Hwy S., Sebastopol

707-596-9040, solful.com

Hours: Daily 11am - 7pm, Consciously curating cannabis products from small farmers and local purveyors. You know exactly what you’re getting. Our labeling gives you information about farms, regions, active ingredients, testing, and dosing recommendations. This transparency, combined with our expert in-store advice, allows you to design a personalized cannabis experience that can change the way you live. Everyone over the age of 21 is welcome!

Sonoma Medicinal Herbs, 3403 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa

707-595-1823, sonomamedicinalherbs.com

Hours: 10am – 7pm, Mon - Sat. We are purveyors of the finest oil on the planet. A trade secret so advanced it preserves the robust terpene profile. A finished product so pure, users can identify the strain. Available in nine single-strain vapor cartridges. Consistent and measurable CBD medicine. Available in vapor cartridge, topical, and capsule form. 100% Guaranteed. Also offering high-quality flowers.

Sonoma Patient Group, 2425 Cleveland Ave.-175, Santa Rosa

707-526-2800, sonomapatientgroup.com

Hours: Mon – Fri, 10am – 7pm, Sat – Sun, 10am – 5pm. Our name tells the story… patients helping patients. We pride ourselves on being the most compassionate, friendly and truly helpful medical cannabis dispensary. Our commitment is to help you find the cannabis products that match your needs.

SPARC, 6771 Sebastopol Ave, Sebastopol

707-823-4206, sparcsf.org, Daily 11am – 7pm

SPARC, 1061 N. Dutton Ave., Santa Rosa

707-843-4206, sparcsf.org, Daily 9am – 9pm

We cultivate the vast majority of our own medicine with the expert member-cultivators on staff. Our team uses sustainable growing techniques to bring out the best qualities of the plant. We oversee the production of most of our medicine from seed to harvest to packaging. Our aim is to provide consistent high-grade cannabis our members can rely on. We focus on bringing out the unique medicinal qualities of each strain that we offer.

Spring Creek Farm, Find our flowers at Organicann

707-687-8567, spring-creek-farm.com

We are an award-winning family farm, using beyond organic, regenerative cultivation practices to bring the healthiest, tastiest cannabis to California.

Spring Creek Farm organic, regenerative cultivation grown cannabis
Spring Creek Farm organic, regenerative cultivation grown cannabis


Budee – Petaluma & Santa Rosa

925-953-2850, www.budee.org

Hours: Mon – Sun, 10am – 12am, Non-profit medical marijuana cooperative featuring Indica, Sativa and edibles. We guarantee safe access to your medication within 1 hour of ordering.

Express Planet Collective

707-547-7977, expressplanetcollective@gmail.com

Hours: Mon – Sat, 12pm – 8pm, Sun Closed. Discreet delivery. We offer a wide variety of high quality medicine and concentrates at affordable prices.

Farmhouse Artisan Market

707-238-2194, farmhouse.delivery

Hours: Mon – Sat: 11am – 6pm, Sun: Noon- 4pm, Farmhouse Artisan Market is Petaluma's first licensed cannabis retail delivery service. With a commitment to sustainable farming and sun-grown cannabis, we source cannabis goods from Northern California and deliver them same-day throughout Sonoma & Marin Counties. If you have questions about the products we carry, how delivery works, or about cannabis in general, please feel free to reach out! Local family owned and operated.

Happy Hour

707-322-8827, 420happyhour@gmail.com

Hours: Mon – Sat 8am–11pm, Sun 9am–10pm, We have some of the best product in Sonoma County and we try to carry the best exotics. Santa Rosa 30 minutes avg.


855.herbabuena (437-2228), herbabuena.com

Conscious cannabis, same-day delivery. Offer guided tastings and elevated events. Curated for the higher mind. Local and woman-owned.

Herban Voyage, (101Wellness Delivery-Santa Rosa)

707-217-3235, contact@herbanvoyage.com

Hours: Mon – Sun, 6am – 9pm, We bring an assortment of strains and edibles to you so that you can choose what you would like on site. Verification is quick and easy over the phone and you get signed up to our collective. Delivery charges included in price.

Highway 420 – Santa Rosa

707-971-1811, highway420meds@gmail.com

Hours: Mon –Thur, 10am – 8pm, Fri, 10am-9pm, Sat, 10am – 3pm. Not-for-profit organization. All proceeds go back into the collective funding research and development. We offer expert consultation. All of our meds come with a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

Sebastopol Compassionate Care-Medical Cannabis Delivery

707-508-6145, mdcannabisdelivery.com

Hours: Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm, Sat 10am – 7pm, Sun 10am - 7pm. Medical cannabis delivery service collective for qualified patients and primary caregivers who insist on the highest medical grade cannabis flowers, full melts and edibles. We organically grow indoor and outdoor medicine for the lowest prices.

Sunshine Vitality of Sonoma/Napa

707-225-4582, sunshineoutreach.org

Hours: Mon – Fri, 10am-6pm, Sat, 10am – 2pm, We have some of the very best growers around. We offer flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals and add strains frequently. Call and inquire about new patient discounts and special offers. For your protection (and ours) we strictly follow CA Prop 215 and SB 420.

(UPDATED August 4, 2020. This story was originally published on April 2, 2020)

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