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Roseland Review by Duane Dewitt

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2020-06-25Jun 25, 2020

When Roseland residents participated in the planning for the Roseland Village redevelopment a majority advocated for an acre of GREEN Space to be put in near the intersection of West Ave. Instead the city and county bureaucrats have stiffed the kids and now are pushing for concrete. At so-called “public hearings” the officials turn a deaf ear to the community. Now an out of town entity will be putting in some “temporary” spots to drink and eat with no consideration for kids.

2020-05-25May 25, 2020

The Taco trucks were doing a booming business without worrying about the “social distancing”guidelines the local governments were calling for in both Santa Rosa and Sonoma County. It has been 15 years ago since the city of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County officials tried to deal with the Taco trucks for fairness to existing businesses.  These disadvantages are growing because the officials, and the Santa Rosa police, appear to no longer be interested in enforcing any rules in Roseland.  It appears there is no traffic law enforcement, and no parking tickets being given out anymore, so to many residents it appears now is “anything goes” time.

2020-04-22Apr 22, 2020

The city recently used the northwestern potion of the park for a staging area for some heavy equipment used in the rebuilding of Stony Point Rd. Surely if they were able to get environmental clearance at the park for the road building project they should be able to let more sports sites go forward at the park. Hundreds of housing units are being built in the area by Burbank Housing Development Company and others. It is time to revisit the question of improving Southwest Community Park for the needs of the current residents and their children.

2020-03-23Mar 23, 2020

A Good partnership has been formed with Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation and Roseland School District. They have been able to secure funding together which has been used for tree planting and riparian corridor restoration along Roseland Creek as it runs through school district property west of Burbank Ave. A Bad situation occurred recently when the city of Santa Rosa staff in the Recreation and Parks Dept. invited over 9000 people from Southwest Santa Rosa to a free dinner in the Wright School District and only approximately 50 people came. The city no longer wants to think of Roseland as a separate place.

2020-02-24Feb 24, 2020

FREE Pasta Feed is on tap for Weds. evening March 4, 2020 at 5:30 pm to 7 pm at the Cook Middle School Cafeteria on Sebastopol Rd. The Community Dinner is being hosted by the City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Departmen. An update on future housing, transit, park and commercial development plans for the Roseland area will be provided during the meeting.

2020-01-29Jan 29, 2020

On 2 Jan. 2020, The Boys and Girls Club previewed a proposed brand new 23,600 square foot building to be built just off Sebastopol Rd. On Tues. Jan 14, 2020, the Roseland NeighborWood got a potential boost for a “Natural Park” as the Santa Rosa City Council “continued” a Public Hearing by moving to consider a local Roseland Community generated “Ideal Plan”. Other good news is the new Roseland Library should be available for opening in June 2020. If this is the case the current large library facility in the existing Dollar Store building will close. Some local residents are proposing a “going away” party for the site which has been so helpful to many people over the years as a library and “community center”

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