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Roseland Review by Duane Dewitt

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2019-01-02Jan 2, 2019

Five years after the killing of Andy Lopez, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved a $3 million settlement with Lopez's family. Is it a step towards community healing for the family?

2018-12-21Dec 21, 2018

New things can be an uplifting experience for to carry you into the New Year. Here is an example of a positive change occurring in Roseland. The Community Club of Roseland is the new name for the Roseland Parents Club which has been meeting in Roseland for a few years now. This was announced at a Dec 11, 2018 community health training by Ms. Chelene Lopez, the manager of Health Promotion at the St. Joseph Health organization in Santa Rosa.Read on for so many more new events and projects in Roseland.

2018-11-30Nov 30, 2018

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to all the residents of Roseland and readers of Roseland Review. This column will be addressing both Christmas wishes, and Thanks giving for the things we have been blessed with in 2018. 

2018-11-02Nov 2, 2018

Roseland DUO: Disadvantaged, Underserved, Over-burdened (DOU) Roselandhas had this unexpected blessing by the presence of the branch of Sonoma County Library operating at 779 Sebastopol Rd for close to two and a half years now. Now there are many local residents concerned by what may happen when the branch closes for a proposed housing development to be built on the western 7 acres of the shopping center site.

2018-10-06Oct 6, 2018

Some Roseland residents, and other supporters of Roseland, have told Roseland Review they believe racism rules Roseland. They wish to remain anonymous, but I believe they are correct, so I stand behind this forum for their views to be aired and shared here. But first, here is some good news to share before going deeper into that story. This month’s column will remind readers of “Make a Difference Day” to be held on Saturday October 27th in Roseland at the Roseland Neighbor Wood.

2018-08-30Aug 30, 2018

The Roseland Village Teen Center has reopened for the rest of the year at Roseland Library in Roseland Village Shopping Center. Run by Sonoma County Boys and Girls Club the Teen Center is for young people in grades 7 to 12. On Saturday, October 27 at 10 am there will be a “Make a Difference Day” effort to clean up Roseland Creek, Roseland Neighbor Wood, and surrounding neighborhood areas in the center of Roseland. OnSaturday, October 27 at 10 am there will be a “Make a Difference Day” effort to clean up Roseland Creek, Roseland Neighbor Wood, and surrounding neighborhood areas in the center of Roseland.

2018-08-01Aug 1, 2018

With an ongoing “housing crisis” of lack of housing it is sad this Roseland resident was forced out onto the streets by the city. It is ironic because now the city of Santa Rosa will be putting tax increase Ballot Initiatives on the November Ballot to pay for “new” affordable housing to be built. This is while the city has been holding onto houses in Roseland already bought by Sonoma County taxpayers and keeping them empty. So the taxpayers paid “Top Dollar” for houses which the city has now claimed are “surplus” and has told the public the city will demolish the houses. Wasteful!

2018-08-01Aug 1, 2018

It’s about cars, drivers, and music. Although the lowrider lifestyle begins and ends with the wheels, there’s lots of room for photo ops, movies, bands, magazines, street parties, music, and even fashion.

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