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2018-08-30Aug 30, 2018

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”—Margaret Mead

2018-04-06Apr 6, 2018

Cloverdale Performing Arts Center’s latest production is The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan. If the work of this author doesn’t immediately come to mind, that’s not surprising. Though this California native lived into the 1970’s, the bulk of his popularity in both stage and novels came during World War II. But this play has surprising relevance to the issues and tone of many debates going on today.

2018-02-03Feb 3, 2018

As you may have heard, Cloverdale City Manager Paul Cayler is retiring March 31st. Unlike some long-time CMs, Paul is not simply an official up on the podium at city council meetings and regularly quoted in the media.

2018-08-16Aug 16, 2018

Retired veterans of World War I gather on the veranda of a hospital, subtly discontented with the monotony of their lives. Flashy escapades are in the distant past, replaced with dull hours under the close supervision of Sister Madeleine. With a bleak future before them, the men search for reasons to go on and something worth looking forward to. A ridiculous, endearing notion takes hold of them—escape.

2018-08-10Aug 10, 2018

Heroes was written by Gerald Sibleyras in 2003 and translated into English in 2007 by Tom Stoppard. The action, or possibly inaction, takes place in a care home for elderly veterans somewhere in France. DirectorYave Guzmanhas made the wise choice of not having the actors affect French or English accents. This gives the play a more inclusive feel. These men could be living in France, America or Moldova, for all it matters; the themes are universal.

2018-08-01Aug 1, 2018

Hello, this is Carol with heartfelt thanks and hearty congratulations to co-columnist Reece! The fervor for public libraries that she clearly shares with the late, great Kate motivates my inspiring friend to contribute countless hours to our county’s public library system as a whole as well as to Cloverdale’s library in particular. 

2018-06-28Jun 28, 2018

For well over four decades, every Fourth of July celebration has brought our city all the color and excitement of a spectacular, professionally produced fireworks display generously sponsored by the Cloverdale Lions Club. This year, as always, the show starts at dusk, about 9 p.m., and the happy crowd will start gathering early on the football field at Cloverdale High School. Admission is free. Donations are appreciated. 

2018-05-31May 31, 2018

It’s summer! Which means, thanks to its brilliant producer, the Cloverdale Arts Alliance, and its generous sponsors(including The Gazette), you’re invited to the FREE, summer-long concert series Friday Night Live and Street Fair.

2018-05-18May 18, 2018

The difference between seeing a play again and watching a movie more than once, is that the play will necessarily be different every time you see it. Even if it’s the same cast, a play is a living thing with changing moods and nuances. I’ve seen Sam Shepard’s True West several times and each endeavor has been different. Director Christopher Johnston’sproduction at Cloverdale Performing Arts Center is full of energy, truth and brilliant acting.

2018-05-03May 3, 2018

Throughout our region and well beyond, the new millennium has ushered in an increasing recognition of Cloverdale as a dynamic incubator for an ever expanding and inspiring range of culturally diverse projects and events focused on the visual and performing arts.

2018-04-07Apr 7, 2018

Eccentric San Francisco residents wander through Nick’s waterfront dive bar, swapping outrageous tales, looking for jobs, and flirting with women who take their fancy. Premiering in 1939, the play’s age is evident in jokes about darkies, Indians, and midgets which are in poor taste. William Saroyan’s casual pace and shifting style augments these unfortunate details, coming to a hasty and violent denouement which seems out of place with the previous quiet, thoughtful monologues.

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