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Summer fun in Cloverdale!

With its walkable, bikeable downtown, Cloverdale is a wonderful place to play. The dates for the Cloverdale Arts Alliance's popular Friday Night Live free concert series have been announced, and we can't wait! This 18th season of weekly outdoor concerts in Cloverdale's downtown plaza is scheduled to run for 14 successive Fridays, July 2 to Oct. 1.

“Friday Night Live promotes the best of Cloverdale and small-town America” says Cloverdale Arts Alliance Executive Director, Mark Tharrington. “We believe a vibrant local arts scene raises the quality of life for our entire community. We are booking bands and getting ready, with the understanding that planning live outdoor music events has potential unknowns. We are optimistically anticipating the FNL venue in downtown Cloverdale will lend itself to compliance with pandemic-related restrictions, and CAA will be able to obtain necessary permits.”

Funding for Friday Night Live at the Plaza is generated by generous local individuals, businesses, winery sponsors, and event concession sales. Tharrington said “We at Cloverdale Arts Alliance truly appreciate the continued community support and enthusiasm for FNL, which is our signature program.” For more information, go to

According to Rory O'Day, Director of Membership at Sonoma County Family YMCA, we'll be playing at Cloverdale Memorial Pool this summer, too! The pool will offer lap swim from 12:30-6:00 each day, starting on Memorial Day weekend. The YMCA is hoping to hire one additional lifeguard and an Aqua Aerobics instructor to expand the program. Please contact Rory at 707-545-9622 x3135 if you are interested, and visit for the complete schedule.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, Cloverdale Citrus Fairgrounds was pleased to welcome Butler Amusements, Inc. for a four day “pop up” carnival. Butler Amusements has provided the Carnival rides and games at the Cloverdale Citrus Fair for over 40 years. As state guidance allowed for fairs and amusement rides to safely reopen in mid-April, Butler added Cloverdale to their route. The carnival was held outdoors on the Citrus Fair parking lot and offered 15 rides, 10 games and two food concessions. There were rides for the young and young at heart. Gate admission was free and the weather was beautiful. Sounds of happy screams and laughter filled the air, as did the smell of yummy carnival eats. Seeing guests leave with snow cones, goldfish, stuffed animals and smiles brought so much joy to the community. Katie Fonsen Young, Chief Operating Officer of the Citrus Fair, thanks everyone who supported the event for their adherence to the safety protocols that made the carnival both safe and fun!

Speaking of fun, who loves to laugh? Jackie Evans has brought a lot of laughter to the town of Cloverdale over the last couple of years. Melanie interviewed him recently and this is what he had to say about his love of comedy and putting on shows for the town he loves.

"I love to see people having fun. It is not about money, it’s about getting people together and having a good time. I notice that everybody forgets their problems for those two hours of comedy. I had no idea what I was creating by inviting people to come, get together, eat, have fun and laugh. Some of the comedians have top billing in Vegas. Jimmy Walker, Bob Zany, Mark Pitta, Dennis Gaxiola and many others are willing to come to our small town to make people laugh. They can’t wait to do more shows here in Cloverdale. All 7 shows at the Railroad Station Restaurant sold out in 24 hours."

Jackie's future plans include doing a Comedy Show at the Citrus Fairgrounds and a free Comedy Day at the Park where everyone brings lawn chairs and picnic baskets. He also wants to be available for fundraisers like one he did for the Senior Center. Jackie says his bottom line is to "Continue to bring the art of comedy to Cloverdale. Comedy brings smiles and laughter to others and that’s what makes me happy."

A smile starts on the lips, a grin spreads to the eyes, a chuckle comes from the belly; but a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around.” - Carolyn Birmingham

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