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Alejandra Cervantes, community organizer
Alejandra Cervantes, community organizer, heads up the Community Garden at Larson Park.

Community Garden Brings Families
Together At Larson Park!

Nov 29, 2018
by Thomas Martin


Alejandra Cervantes,  community organizer, heads up the Community Garden at Larson Park, a Sonoma County Regional Park. Ms. Cervantes is involved in numerous community improvement programs in the Springs. Thank you, Alejandra.

The garden is maintained by community families who come together for planting and maintenance. As winter and cooler months approach many plants are entering a dormant period. The growers will plant winter crops soon. Wish to participate? Contact Alejandra Cervantes at  707 939-9369  and

With the passage of  Measure M  in the recent election we look forward to Larson Park and the Community Garden being beneficiaries from improvements. 

Demolition, Parking, Development, and Neighborhood Watch Are Topics Presented At  Springs Community Alliance Meeting.  The mid-November meeting at the Springs Community Hall was informative for those in attendance.  Tyra Harrington,  Code Enforcement Officer for PRMD, announced that the vacant building between the Hall and Ye Olde Pub will be demolished in the near future. The building has remained unused since the .  La Salette Restaurant  moved into town many years ago. 

Ms. Harrington received a round of applause at this news. However, she was less enthusiastically received when residents asked if her office could take care of community issues such as excessive partying late at night. She referred the speaker to the waiting Sheriff’s officers. 

Citizens heard Tim Sloat of Mattis Partners outline the progress on the Noodle Shop and Boyes Food Development. The evening meeting was concluded by a presentation from Sheriff’s Sergeant Greg Piccinini, Community Services Officer Silvia Floriano, and another officer about services in the Springs. Sgt. Piccinini stated disappointment that the Sheriff’s office had its staff significantly reduced in this region. 

The Sheriff’s central message to the Springs residents was to “know your neighbors.” If things don’t appear correct in the neighborhood such as strange cars parked nearby or people out of character trying doors, call the Sheriff’s office. Above all. look out for each other. When asked about forming a “neighborhood watch committee” Officer Floriano said that if contacted she would be pleased to meet with groups of any size to discuss how a watch committee can be formed.  707 996-9495  or

Pigeons At Siesta Way and Highway 12 Greet the Daily Commute! 

Scene of pigeons either perched on the lamp post.Look up most mornings or late afternoons at Highway 12 and Siesta Way. You may witness a marvelous scene of pigeons either perched on the lamp post above or swishing about in a circle overhead. 

For years a covey of birds gathers at any time of day, but especially from 4 p.m. til dark at this location. Their presence prompts questions. Are they flying out of an established loft? Or, are they wild? If from a loft, it must be nearby. Who maintains the loft and feeds them? The answer is unknown. This writer spoke with locals at the Fruit Basket, Ye Olde Pub,  Beacon Gas, and sidewalk passers-by, but no one had any idea from where the pigeons loft. It would be appreciated if people with information about our wonderful Springs’ pigeons would forward them to “Springs Splash” c/o the Sonoma County Gazette. 

Amazing facts about pigeons. They served as communicators in WWI and WW2, religious symbols in India, and they can fly 600-700 miles in a day, and recognize 26 letters in the alphabet, among other facts.  

Happy Holidays to and from Residents of the Springs!

Springs Splash by Thomas Martin



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