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Senior Momentum - A Series of Situations by Zoe Tummillo

In the Midst of a Certain Madness...

Nov 24, 2017
by Zoë Tummillo, Communications Concepts


Outspoken, enraged Congresswoman Frederica Wilson reminds me of another tough old bird named Bela Abzug, who also wore big hats! It was one of the things we did in the Women’s Movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Some of us did it to emphasize our femininity back when “feminist” was a dirty word! I note, with disappointment, that some of the young women today also reject the term as “offensive” – believing it implies women who hate men! (Maybe they are just too young – or perhaps not readers of their own history. Wake up, take for granted things we fought hard for!)

Bela, like Frederica, was a member of the U. S. House of Representatives (for Manhattan New York’s Upper West Side).

She was a loud and feisty voice for women’s issues. She became known for her rallying cry:“This woman’s place is in the House – the House of Representatives!” If she were alive, she would, I know, be outraged at how our misfit president and his cohorts have maligned Frederica and many of our significant women in elected government service.She would grab hold of this situation like a dog on a rampage and unmercifully shake the devil out of it! (She would love to have known all our women in today’s politics, likeElizabeth Warren andSusan Collins, as well as Frederica!)

Knowing there are women working at the heart of this chaosand fighting in old familiar trenchesis heartening, to say the least. I am somewhat saddened that my trench days are pretty limited as I approach 83! But it takes more than physical limitations to shut down those of us who carried the standards, and waved our banners (with our babies in our back slings) in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s! It is regrettable that my granddaughter’s generation has to fight some of the same battles, again, faced with Neanderthals in the White House, trying to turn back the clock on women’s issues.

It is no laughing matter that our nation and our children are at new and high risk as we all watch Trump’s concerted efforts to erase the lines between our three, separate but equal aspects of government. To listen to Trump expressing his outrage at not being “allowed” to cross those lines, is a dark and menacing reality that we all must notice! Too many of our Senators and Representatives have been too slow in awakening to the reality that they were bamboozled. It’s like:“Who? Me?” Yes. You.

As anyone knows, Governments are better when it’s a mixed bag – of philosophies, colors, persuasions, idiosyncrasies, ethnicities and even personalbaggage! (That’s just the partial list.)In the USA, come hell or high water, the mixed bag usually works; that is, until and unless it winds up in the hands of an extremely dangerous partisan opportunist.

How can a president be allowed to prevail in the USA when hedemeans our law enforcement and our justice system,insults andname calls our elected leaders – like a boy on the playground – and continually indulges in self-aggrandizement?In my opinion,he prevails, so far, because he can. Through arrogance, mental deficiency and ignorance he seems to believe he has been elevated to Emperor, King or Dictator! The egotistical comments and declarations that he is “the only one who matters” would be hilarious if it wasn’t so downright scary.

We truly are in the midst of very certain madness. It is not a movie. It is not a joke. At his side is a woman who routinely wears large dark glasses, often shakes away his hand and glances at him at odd moments with a strange expression. I can’t help wondering what she is thinking...



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