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Senator McGuire to Co-Host Affordable Housing Hearing

Two State Senators who chair the key committees focused on housing and housing financing legislation in the Senate have partnered to host two critically important legislative hearings this fall on the affordable housing crisis.

Senator Jim Beall, Chair of the Senate Transportation and Housing Committee and Senator Mike McGuire, Chair of the Senate Governance and Finance Committee will hold the second of the two hearings this Friday in Los Angeles.

“Increased funding alone will not solve our housing crisis or ensure enough affordable housing for those who need it. We must also take a broader approach that incentivizes more subsidized and unsubsidized housing production by speeding up a cumbersome and costly permitting process and reducing barriers to home production,” said Senator Beall.

The first hearing, “Housing for Working Families: How Do We Pay For It?” was held on October 2 and assessed current state and local funding sources for affordable housing, identified funding gaps, and began to discuss the need for additional legislative changes beyond funding in order to address the state’s housing crisis.

Building on the first hearing, the second hearing this Friday will examine changes to land use policies that are needed to increase density and ensure that housing is affordable to all Californians, as well as how the housing crisis looks different across the state. “California’s Affordable Housing Crisis: Tailored Solutions to the Land Use Conundrum in Communities Big and Small” kicks off at 10 am this Friday, Nov. 16at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California in Los Angeles.

“No matter if you live in the Redwoods of Humboldt County or the bustling streets of Los Angeles, every community in every corner of California is faced with an affordable housing crisis. In the coming months, Senator Beall and I will be advancing a comprehensive affordable housing and financing package that will help working families and seniors live and thrive in the communities they call home by providing innovative solutions to one of this state’s most significant challenges."

An all-star panel of housing experts from across the Golden State lined up to speak at Friday’s hearing are:

In addition to the Hearings, the Senators are meeting with dozens of stakeholders from across the state to gather information and impact positive change at a regional level. Beall and McGuire acknowledge thatone size solutions do not fit all, but communities of all sizes in every corner of the Golden State must advance solutions to address the housing crisis.

The two Committee Chairs will be working together to advance a comprehensive affordable housing and finance package that will be unveiled in early 2019.

Friday’s hearing will be live-streamed online at10 am on Friday, Nov. 16, at


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