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Rio Nido Magic by Elena Chronis


Dec 28, 2018
by Elena Chronis


To Give Thanks:

2018 has been an interesting year to say the least.  Although Rio Nido is a tiny little hamlet it packs a punch when it comes to stuff going on in the area-no kidding!

I want to give thanks to the Rio Nido Homeowners Association particularly Douglas Misner, Beverly Bird andJohn Calonico for hosting all the Summer picnics. It’s a very big undertaking and is appreciated by a great many Rio Nidans as well as past and present generations.  The memories made will last a lifetime.  Thank you for all your hard work.  I also want to thank  Brad and Raina Metzger of the Rio Nido Roadhouse for all their charity events and music venues.

The Friends of Rio Nido:

I have so many good things to say about (FRN) it will take way, way too long to write about. Making life better here in RN is what (FRN) is all about.  A big shout out goes out to all the Board Members for their steadfast and true dedication and perseverance to this little magical village.

The new Winky Moon sign on 116 is a true testament of FRN’s dedication to this wonderful little community.

Russian River Recreation & Park District:

I am blown away with all the work Russian River Rec & Park does for Rio Nido.  Taking care of our dog park and parklands in RN really shows.  Its hard work and has made a huge difference. I also want to thank them for being on top of towing cars that park in the guest parking spaces.  Citizens make the calls and before you know it CHP is out tagging and then towing the abandoned vehicles.  We don’t mess around.


Speeding up and down the Canyons is no longer tolerated. Concerned citizens have been making calls to CHP and reporting speeding vehicles.  This community is growing fast and changing and certain things are no longer tolerated.

So SLOW DOWN!  Better safe than sorry.


The Rio Nido Lodge has had a record breaking year.  Under New Management and a new team of Innkeepers, it has resurrected from its long slumber.  We are grateful for all of our new and repeat customers. The Lodge is still undergoing exciting changes and has a lot of interesting surprises in store for 2019.  There is going to be a big celebration coming in April when the New Winky Moon will be erected. You will be able to see Winky from River Road.

Stay tuned for more thrilling news.

Rio Nido Lodge

4444 Wood Rd, Rio Nido, CA 95463



We sure have been fortunate for all the beautiful rains we have been receiving from Mother Nature.  This is something many of us have been praying for.  It’s been cold, very cold, so please be sure to keep yourselves and your pets warm. Rio Nido looks so lush an beautiful with everything so green all around us.  Be sure to keep your gutters clean and debris away from your homes.  Let’s hope for a lot more rains to come this chilly winter.

New Year’s Resolutions:

I don’t’ believe in them, so I’m not going there!  Just do the best you can every day.

Sasha is a fun and spirited girl who loves people, especially children.Rio Nido Pet of the Month:

Put your paws together for January’s Pet of the Month, Sasha!  She has been part of the family since she was adopted at six weeks of age from South Texas.  Sasha is a fun and spirited girl who loves people, especially children. Sasha loves carrots, toys, spontaneous trips to Jenner and her Husky posse – Chai and Snowball. You might see her strutting her stuff on her daily walks in Rio Nido. If  you see her, stop for a “body wag” and a kiss in exchange for a pet.

Let’s hear it for Sasha!



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