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OPINION - More Shooting in Sonoma? Really?

Mar 31, 2018


The sound of gun shots filling the air doesn’t sound like a more peaceful Sonoma to me. And the proposal to shoot beautiful birds while drinking plenty of expensive wine seems bloody sad in Sonoma region.

Sonoma power-broker Darius Anderson and his Kenwood Investments was working toward getting it approved by Sonoma County last year but nobody knows - when is the next meeting? Anderson took over a hunting club in the eco-sensitive Baylands and set out to build a three-story place for the region’s wealthiest skeet shooters and pheasant killers.

Now the Wing and Barrel Ranch proposes a lot line adjustment to remove 89 acres from land near the town of Sonoma, not far from Napa, via The Conservation Act Status. They ask $145,000 fee for organizations to join or $75,000 for individuals – to kill birds and drink.  

Well, a final vote on the proposal has been pushed off until a staff report until the county’s Permit & Resource Management Department is written. “The latest on Kenwood is we haven’t written the staff report,” says Blake Hillegas.

The argument for it includes it being a sincere endeavor to support an old-fashioned gun club while their website describes the Wing and Barrel Club as a new clubhouse that is “outwardly luxurious and magnificent,” a place to enjoy “…unparalleled world-class wines.”

Selling points for it includes a discussion of “moral values,” - meaning that teaching kids to shoot is good for the families and their heritage.

UPLAND BIRD HUNTING Our members have access to 24 hunting fields spread across over 1,000 acres of upland bird hunting fields. The ultimate shooting club offers seasonal pheasant, chukar and quail hunting from October to April with access to club dogs and guides for the utmost hunting experience.

Really? Watching beautiful bird’s fall dead as we drink?

That teaches young people values?

I want peace in the valley but guess it’s all about money.

Katy Byrne, Sonoma


Dec 3, 2018
Katy, the beautiful thing here is, you don't have to watch the beautiful birds fall from the sky. Go somewhere else where you can find something else to bitch about. Have you ever ate pheasant ? They're damn good. I suggest you come out some day, get some shooting in, kill 4-5 birds, take them home and eat them with polenta and your favorite Sonoma County wines. You will be hooked !! You see, it's not all about shooting beautiful birds. It's the entire experience. I may be in the minority here but I'd much rather have my kids spending the afternoon with me " hunting" pheasant, than home in the corner with an IPad, playing video games with some stranger. The irony here is, you probably don't mind running down to Safeway and buying a chicken that had its neck spun off or head chopped off and who knows what that damn thing has been fed !?!?!?

LOUIE - If I am correct - Katy is a vegetarian - she does walk her talk. This is a very old article so I may find out of there's an update since it was written. Thanks for reading ~ Vesta
- Louie Vellutini

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