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Mark your calendars: Geyserville’s tractor parade kicks off Sonoma County’s holiday season

If you’re like most Geyservillians, the early-ish onset of the rainy season has been a great relief. It looks like we are in the beginning of what is predicted to be a very wet winter, ending much of the fear of fire season. While it always pays to be vigilant in fire country, now it’s also time to check for unexpected leaks and other weatherproofing for the season to come.

Geyserville Illuminated Tractor Parade

Yes, it’s back! Geyserville’s signature holiday event is expected to be a full-strength dose of bright lights and good cheer. As usual, it’s the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, which lands on Saturday, Nov. 25. Geyserville Avenue and our section of Highway 128 will be fully closed between 6 and 8 p.m., so if for some reason you plan to be driving in the area and don’t want to stop and enjoy the parade, be prepared for detours and/or delays. The parade starts at 6:15 in the north end of town and will make its way to the south along Geyserville Avenue. Old-timers may remember when the parade went south and turned around to go back north, but those days are over - it only makes the single pass through town.

If you want to participate, please know that the word “Tractor” is applied quite loosely and any farm-type vehicle or truck is likely to make the cut. Applications are available at the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce website. There’s a hard deadline on registrations this year, with a Nov. 17 cut-off. Early birds before Nov. 12 get the best deal on the registration fee.

The Great Geyserville Raffle

For the second year in a row, the Great Geyserville Raffle is back! There are four lots this year featuring a mix of offerings from both local and national businesses, everything from local favorites such as Trentadue Winery to national chains like Trader Joe’s, with numerous options from the Geyserville and Healdsburg area and elsewhere in Sonoma County! Even our own Michelin-starred establishment, Cyrus, headlines one deluxe lot. This is a great way to make new discoveries in our own area and benefit from some other outstanding offers.

Tickets are $25 each or five for $100. Value of the top package exceeds $5000! All ticket sales benefit the Geyserville Elementary School and Geyserville New Tech High. Check it out at the Geyserville Educational Foundation and Parent Club website or at their Facebook page. Tickets are available from our local students and at the Fermata coffee house.

A Buzzy Little Visitor

Geyserville is not renowned for its hummingbird population but Sonoma County is actually home or at least a stopover to several types, with some Anna's hummingbirds overwintering with us. One made a visit here a few days ago, unfortunately bopping its little head on a window. It looks to be a female Anna's hummingbird. Despite being initially stunned, it recuperated and soon zoomed off again under its own power. These tiny creatures benefit from a nectar feeder, especially in the winter months, so consider putting one up to help support these jewel-like wonders.

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