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Food for All - Comida Para Todos' partnership with North Bay Organizing Project

Food for All/Comida para Todos (FFA) is pleased to announce a partnership with North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) as their fiscal sponsor. Food for All/Comida para Todos is non-profit and operated solely by volunteers. All donations are used to purchase products for families in Sonoma Valley. The partnership with NBOP allows for all donations made to FFA to be tax deductible. If you are interested in donating to FFA please send donations to North Bay Organizing Project. Please make mention of Food for All/Comida para Todos as the receiver of your donation. You may also make an online donation at

Food for All/Comida para Todos offers two program options for families in Sonoma Valley. Both options are no contact porch drops and require pre-registration.

Redwood Food Bank delivery

Redwood Food Bank offers food items at Hanna Boys Center on Friday mornings from 11am to 1pm. This is a drive thru only option. If you are unable to drive to Redwood Food Bank distribution and do not have a friend or family member who can bring food to you, please contact us to schedule a weekly delivery. This weekly service can serve a maximum of 90 families.

Essential Items Box delivery

The items offered in this program are essential food and cleaning products for families. The program requires completion of an online survey. The survey helps to identify your family needs for delivery. Items include: rice, beans, diapers, cleaning supplies etc. This program is offered every other week on Sundays to Sonoma Valley Families and currently serves a maximum of 70 families.

About Food for All/Comida para Todos (FFA)

This project originally started to support The Springs community during the North Bay Fires. We are collaborating with our network of community organizers to create the FOOD FOR ALL project in order to meet the needs of families in The Spring’s and beyond as they arise during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Food for All / Comida para Todos is managed by North Bay Organizing Project serving as the fiscal sponsor, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 45-2369887. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services will be provided in exchange forr contribution.

About North Bay Organizing Project

The North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) is a grassroots, multi-racial, and multi-issue organization comprised of over twenty-two faith, environmental, labor, student and community-based organizations in Sonoma County. NBOP seeks to build a regional power organization rooted in working class and minority communities in the North Bay: Uniting people to build leadership and grassroots power for social, economic, racial and environmental justice.

We have had great success in developing leaders and winning policies to minimize deportations, reduce suspensions/expulsions from our local schools, provide free public transportation for students, gain greater rights for tenants and defend our communities.

For more information about our program, please visit us:

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