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Beginning May 8th, Flatbed’s 7 pm LIVESTREAM concerts will take to the PORCH with a 5-week series to showcase and promote local Sonoma County musicians.
Beginning May 8th, Flatbed’s 7 pm LIVESTREAM concerts will take t.o the PORCH with a 5-week series to showcase and promote local Sonoma County musicians. Images Artist's website and Facbook pages.

Flatbed Music Festival Moved to the PORCH - we're LIVE Streamin', baby

May 7, 2020


Beginning May 8th, Flatbed’s 7 pm LIVESTREAM concerts will take to the PORCH with a 5-week series to showcase and promote local Sonoma County musicians.

FLATBED LIVE chat: where do we go from here?

May 8th - Gonzales/Windmiller 

Launching the new series will be Jon Gonzales in conversation with Josh Windmiller on Friday May 8th at 7 pm on  Join them as they explore the live music landscape topic, ‘where do we go from here?’ 

This conversation is not to be missed.   Add a little music and your weekend is off to a good start.

Josh Windmiller: 

Josh Windmiller. Image: Josh's Facebook pageArtist/producer/promoter, Josh, as producer of the Railroad Square Music Festival and Rivertown Revival, has been instrumental in developing the newest music venue, The Lost Church in Santa Rosa.

Raised in Santa Rosa, Josh is a theatrical performer and front man of The Crux whose work with The Sam Chase and other bands is pushing the envelope of local music.

Josh Windmiller is the director of the Railroad Square Music Festival . Josh was raisedin Santa Rosa been a key part of many events in Railroad Square for the past 7 years. A musician who promotes other musicians, Josh performs with his band The Crux and is working on building a stronger arts scene in the North Bay through his work at The North Bay Hootenanny and Second Octave Entertainment.

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Jon Gonzales, Josh Windmiller and Brittany Aquamarine at Brew.

Jon Gonzales : 

Artist/radio host, Jon is the Ukulele-strumming Sonoma County artist weaving ukulele folk-hooks with lyrical psychedelic satire and "pushing-the-envelope" paradoxical, universal subjects in his songs.

As host of his own show, NORTH BAY SONGWRITERS on KRCB, Jon is dedicated to the “locals” that make up the North Bay Music scene.

John Gonzales and trio band. Gonzales'Facebook Image

Ukulele-strumming artist from San Francisco Bay Area, Jon Gonzales weaves ukulele folk-hooks with lyrical psychedelic satire and "pushing-the-envelope" paradoxical, universal subjects in his songs.

Josh the Father of 5 adorable kids a few years back, the kids are older now. Gonzales' facebook page.In today's shifting online-music world of single's releases, Gonzales' talent for solid album-making along with studio producer, bassist and fairy music godfather, Michael Lindner, has led to the creations of his debut, "Water 'n Whiskey" (BMI, 2012), and follow-up "Hump" (BMI, 2015).

Gonzales performs solo, as a harmonic trio aka Jon Gonzales Stringband, and full band, Jon Gonzales 'n Family

Father of five for life, Gonzales performs as soloist, as harmonic trio aka Jon Gonzales Stringband, and as full band, Jon Gonzales 'n Family.
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A final Note

Sonoma County musicians are a special breed and they are coming through this inspired by the darndest things - simple things, like a drive through the hills, a walk on a trail, a stop + chat on a back road.  We wonder, are those lyrics or a baby's cry waking them in the night?  Heroes pass on and new ones surface.  And we wait, all of us, together.



KRCB’s North Bay Songwriters. 



Coming up! For Your Calendar


Can't lock up this trio—they've joyously recorded their walks together, short sessions they call  CLOSE PROXIMITY 6 FEET APART

The Musers  

Sonoma County’s goofy folk trio made up of Anita Bear Sandwina on banjolin, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and harmonica. Megan McLaughlin on guitar and mandolin, and Tom Kuhn on upright bass. Anita and Megan met on the microphone backing up Keith Greeninger at a shared show with Spark and Whisper. They discovered their sister -like blend which permeates The Musers soaring harmonies. Both Anita and Megan are award-winning songwriters, taking West Coast Songwriter competitions whenever they show up. Together with Tom’s voice, bass, and mouth percussion, The Musers are winning fans wherever they go with their foot-stomping, positive, high energy performances of original folk and roots. Their shows are punctuated by laughter, dancing feet and grooves that show the influence of playing a lot of rock and roll in their youth. Their range of musical styles includes Irish, Appalachian, Roots, Jazz, Swing, and Gospel. Their competence on so many instruments sets The Musers apart from other singer-songwriters, and should not be missed.

Tom Kuhn, Anita Bear Sandwina and Megan McLaughlin, Image: Facebook/themusers

Anita Bear Sandwina

Anita Bear Sandwina is a multi-instrumentalist Nor-Cal transplant. Her earthy, rootsy style comes from childhood winters on the plains of Iowa. She plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and fiddle for the Musers. Her award-winning songs make us laugh, and invite us to discover our own inner landscape. It is an absolute delight to witness her performances. They are high energy, heartfelt and, punctuated by her dancing feet and childlike wonder. Many an observer has said she is a “compelling force of nature” on stage. She has spent  years honing her craft in bands, most recently with Spark & Whisper.  

Megan McLaughlin

Megan McLaughlin is an innovative guitar and mandolin player and song poet from Sebastopol, California. She is known for her clear, powerful voice, and her high-energy performance. At home in many genres, her music ranges from funky, groove-oriented rock to poignant ballads. It’s a range that sets her apart from most other singer-songwriters. The same enthusiastic personality that held the attention of her five-year-old Kindergarten students captivates Muser fans now.

Tom Kuhn

Tom Kuhn has a wide musical background ranging from the first-chair trumpet in the 4th-grade, to marching in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in High School.  He also dabbled in piano and tuba during his younger years.  After several hours of research as an adult, he now realizes the fewer strings the better.  And since ukulele players are everywhere, he now makes his musical home on the bottom, playing The Musers rhythms and roots on double-bass.  Tom has called Sebastopol home for the last 20 years.  He has previously played with a number of local folk, bluegrass, and Americana bands, including The Keepers, The Moonshiners, Wildflower and Late Harvest.

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No better way to shelter in place than with your band 6 feet apart in a birch tree grove. 



Sam Hamby and Tim Sawyer will be taking the PORCH 

Free peoples, all band members together. image: Peoples began as a band in an Oakland, California studio in 1999. It was there that singer/guitarist Tim Sawyer and bassist/singer Michael DiPirro met. They immediately connected on a deep musical level and began composing songs. Soon after, guitarist/vocalist Johnny Downer joined. The trio began working on their self-titled album that would be released in 2001. A year or so later drums were added to the ensemble to accommodate larger venues. The band recorded two more studio albums between 2002-2005 and two live albums between 2007- present.

The band has fluctuated with different line-ups throughout the last 15 years. Some of the players who have contributed to the ever-evolving sound have been Bradley Leach, James Foster and Ricardo Lomeli  on drums;  Mark Calderon on bass; and Jesse Shantor and Nick Hasty on saxophones.

The current line-up features long time member Jason Thor on trombone/vocals, Sam Hamby on guitar/vocals and Dylan Garrison on drums.

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MAY 29th JOHN BURDICK w/ special guest MERIKU


John Burdick and life partner Catherine Venturini. Image:"No gimmicks..just raw singer songwriter talent..skill and artistry"

John had begun his career as an acclaimed guitarist in the blues clubs of Chicago and St. Louis, then toured the Midwest and Canada before joining the alternative scene in Los Angeles as a singer/songwriter, where he  performed with Shawn Covin, Chuck E. Weiss, and Keb'Mo' among many others.

His band, John Burdick and the Change, featured Mackenzie Phillips on backup vocals and regularly headlined at the Whiskey, Roxy and The Troubador. 

The John Burdick Band showcases tight, sensitive and explosive original songs, as well as high octane interpretations of renowned rock and blues artists. The band features David McKee on drums, Michael Miller/ Cliff Zyskowski on piano and  organ and vocals.James Marshall Berry on bass and vocals. Lead vocalist John Burdick plays an array of acoustic/electric and slide guitars.

The John Burdick band in action. Photo:

John Burdick's musical influences range from Leo Kottke to Duane Allman; And from Jimi Hendrix to Bruce Springsteen and The Beatles. The veteran musician's original material equally reflects his thirty-plus years performing, recording and song writing on the road, with extended stints in Chicago, Hollywood and here in the Bay Area.

Bio source:



Nina Berger:

Click on image to watch Nina and Kate Wolf at KFTY Studios, Santa Rosa, CA in the mid-1980's-Image: Screen shot from her accompaniment of Kate Wolf first earned her recognition, her acute skills as performer, producer and arranger have continued to deepen. Her contributions to acoustic music have earned her a following as loyal as for the numerous high talents she has accompanied. Nina has a unique ability to completely free herself within an eclectic range of styles. Presented with folk, country, bluegrass, rock, or blues, she is able to fall into leads which have rare reverence for the true feeling of a song, always emphasizing taste over technical display. She seeks to express through her hands, rather than gain attention, and it is this integrity which makes her expressions worth intent listening.

That kind of intent listening will reveal Nina's melodic touch in more places than many realize. Nina has performed and/or recorded with: Karla Bonoff, Peter Rowan, Eliza Gilkyson, Nanci Griffith, Greg Brown, Lucy Kaplansky, MollieO'Brien, Rosalie Sorrels, Laurie Lewis, and many others. Her soulful enhancement of their music easily explains why several return the favor by appearing on ‘Not Before Noon’ and Nina’s live cd, ‘Good Music with Good People.’

Nina and Chris Performing. Image:

 Bio source:    

More info:


Kate Wolf & Nina Gerber 'These times we're living' -  

Chris Webster

Chris Webster. Photo by KCChris Webster is a soul singer beyond genre. In the course of recording over 20 albums on her own and with others, she has drawn equally from classic R&B thumpers and gospel-grass prayers, from rockabilly rave-ups and singer/songwriter confessions. Webster’s work is rooted in the classic American tension between a yearning for transcendence and a lusty connection to the here-and-now.

She’s also funny. Though in performance she hangs back, all sly allure - when you’re in it for the long haul, you learn to pace yourself - she’s got a cool, understated comic timing. Chris Webster has traveled far and deep in her musical career; she has built a body of work to be reckoned with, and has earned the notice of numerous established artists. She was recruited by Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel to join the Grammy-winning country swing band, and her song, “Shake On It,” was recorded by The Band. Chris has sung back up vocals for several artists, including the legendary Ferron, and long-time collaborator, Jennifer Berezan. In 2006 Chris was awarded the Gibson Guitar New Musician Award for best new singer-songwriter.

bio source: 


Chris Webster:

Nina Gerber & Chris Webster - 'You Just Have To Laugh': 




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