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Feeling Graton by Jennifer Butler

Attend Board of Supervisor's Meeting  December 11

Decide :  West County & Joe Rodota Trails 

Parks or Transportation Corridors?

Nov 29, 2018
by Jennifer Butler


Greetings Graton

I am one of those who don’t particularly enjoy the winter holidays. I like the colored lights and the days off work but that’s about it. This year, I feel as bah hum bug as ever but since it can be a difficult time of year, I have to remember that there are many in our community who struggle with real crisis during the holidays. So, I am going to step out of myself and sincerely say to you all that I wish you serenity, health and a true feeling of belonging this holiday season. I thank you for being the spirited and eclectic group of neighbors that you are. May you be warm and comfortable. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Gift Shopping in Graton!

For your holiday shopping go local and please consider a gift certificate for  Asyrah's Garden Acupuncture Spa,  Wine from  Bowman Cellars,  Antiques from  Mr. Ryder & Company,  beautiful art from the  Graton Gallery,  Wine from  Paul Matthew Vineyards, Wine produced by  Purple Wine & Spirits  and as always you can purchase the gift of a delicious meal from  Mexico Lindo,  Willowwood  and  Underwood.  You can even give the gift of a helping hand from the Graton Labor Center! 

Santa is Coming to Town

Yes, you read that right! Santa is coming to town. Please join the Graton Community Club’s annual picture with Santa event. This will be on Sunday December 9th. Santa will be there with his elves and cookies so please come say hello to your neighbors and have your picture taken with Santa. For more information please call  707.829.5314

Green Valley Village

Wow, the houses going up at Green Valley Village are really starting to look great. I am very excited to welcome our new neighbors and so pleased to see affordable homes being built in Sonoma County. I wanted to get an update on the project so I called and spoke with local developer and Sonoma County resident Orrin Thiessen, Orrin told me that things are moving along with 4 of the 8 houses nearing completion with occupancy expected in the next 4 months. He wanted to let everyone know that there will be a call for volunteers in December to lay the sod for Graton Green Park. He said that an announcement of the exact date and time will be made but if you want to volunteer, you can give him a call at  707-823-0292.  He feels it will be a fun day. There two more homes that will be built by Habitat for Humanity. I did speak briefly with Habitat for Humanity but at the time of writing this column, wasn’t able to confirm the details for building. I do know that volunteers will be needed for a blitz build in the spring of 2019 and that more fundraising is needed. I’ll keep you all posted in case you want to participate. 

Purple Wine and Spirits Facility Update

Purple Wine hosted a public meeting to discuss their revised plans on the use of their Graton facility. They have abandoned the idea of a tasting room and brewery and decided instead to focus on creating the capability to crush at the facility. In their words “Purple Wine & Spirit in Graton is currently a high-volume wine and spirits packaging and storage facility. We believe the facility and the community are better suited if we reduced volume and operated as an end-to-end wine and distillery production facility”. If you want more information you can contact Eric Gilliand at  707-824-5372 He can provide you with a FAQ sheet and a breakdown of their new four part plan. I appreciate the respect that they showed the community by holding this meeting. Yes, the food and drinks were a nice touch but more importantly was that they were prepared, provided well thought out information and were open to the community’s opinions. Time will tell if they can hold true to the plan but I left with the impression that they will be committing their best efforts. 

Graton Community Services District

A reminder that you are invited to these public meetings. Also, there is a website. If you want to be informed… be involved. There are regularly scheduled GCSD Board meetings held in the Graton Day Labor Center at 2981 Bowen Street every third Monday of the month at 6:00 pm. Please feel welcome to attend. They also have a website


Please attend Board of Supervisor's meeting for December 11, 2018 at 9:AM. This is an important meeting! This is the date when they are deciding whether the West County & Joe Rodota Trails are, in effect, parks and not transportation corridors. This will mean that outdoor and greenhouse cannabis operations will generally need to be set back 1000’ to these trails as they are for all Sonoma County parks. 

Please let me know if there is something that you would like me to know or write about. You can reach me via email at


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