Feeling Graton by Jennifer Butler - August 2019

I hope that everyone is having a great summer! Remember water safety for all. Enjoy the sunshine and flowers!

A Warm Welcome to Amber Stringfellow as Oak Grove Union School District’s New Superintendent

While, Superintendent Stringfellow is new to this position she is no stranger to the district. Amber has been a resident and long-time OGUSD parent with her three sons as students in the district. Amber feels “A real connection to these schools”. “I have an investment to do what I do within my very own community”. Amber brings over 20 years of experience and passion working in education. Starting her career as a middle school teacher, she has transitioned through a variety of elementary grade levels in both English speaking and bi-lingual classrooms. She has been the Principal at Healdsburg Unified School District and Guerneville School District. We are very fortunate to have someone as experienced as Amber who also states that “This community is my home”.

Amber told me that that she learned very early on in her admin career that “You are not doing anyone any favors if you are not honest with them” Therefore, she welcomes communication. She wants to be open and involved with the students and their families. She knows that the district has been built on a “Great foundation and moving forward it will about refinement and where it can be reenergized with adopting modern standards”. She is excited “To try new things and get out of the comfort zone”. She states that “As challenging as that can get, this is in my wheel house. I was looking for a challenge and I am so happy to be able to do this in my own community”.

Clearly, a people person Amber said her best free days are spent with family and friends. She loves being outdoors whether it be hiking or camping. Any time with her sons is precious and she loves going to all their sporting events. She is active and involved in her community and schools. She said that she finds real joy in connecting with people and friends. Which is one of the reasons she loves the K-8. She feels that there is a great sense of community and that when you “have good folks on board those communities have longevity”.

Amber is looking forward to her role as Superintendent at OGUSD and one reason is because she feels that the district is “small yet nimble”. She is very passionate about supporting all students both in and out of the general classroom. She believes in early intervention and inclusion for all. She understands that there needs to be coordinated services and catching kids before they fall behind is critical. But she also knows that may mean that some students need an extra challenge. She believes that with the right support “you can grow wherever you are”. She is looking forward to continuing to develop the districts academic and fine arts programs and said that the teacher and staff are excellent.

Ambeer is “committed and focused on bringing professionalism”. “I love talking to the families and welcome all communication”. Superintendent Stringfellow’s first priorities will be Listening and Learning. Building relationships with students, parents, staff and the greater community. Planning by working with Board and reviewing current data policies and procedures and Communication by establishing consistent communication with current updates and providing relevant information.

We welcome you Amber Stringfellow and look forward to the school year!

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