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Bodega Bay Lost
Two of their Pioneer Citizens:

Rev. Richard Wilcox & Lois Boos

Jan 23, 2019
by Joan Poulos


Our Losses

Residents of Bodega Bay have lost two of their pioneer citizens. Fisherman’s Chapel lost one of its pioneer ministers, Rev. Richard Wilcox and the community lost Lois Boos, who was a long time Bodega Bay citizen and active in the Grange and particularly in the Flea Market. Lois’ daughter, Shirley Hughes and her mother were active members of the Bodega Bay community. Both survivors put together nice programs for their survivors to honor the decedents; one in Petaluma and one in Bodega Bay.

Rev. Wilcox had his service in one of the many churches he had served. His widow, Dorothy (who also was instrumental in his success in all of his parishes) put together a touching service in Petaluma, where they lived. Each of the parishes that he had served had some representatives. Bodega Bay parishioners from Fisherman’s Chapel recognized the dulcet tones of the previous member of our congregation, Brenda Roberts as she sang so beautifully. It was the kind of moving service that found nearly all the attending former parishioners joining in singing the Messiah—(with Handel the incomparable composer-)and the incomparable exit music for a bereaved congregation—who could sing Halleluia, for what they had enjoyed, even though now they were bereaved.

The get together to honor the memory of Lois Boos was held at the Grange in Bodega Bay. Again, the population turned out to honor the memory of one who had been such an active member of the Bodega Bay community. The Grange Hall was full; the beautifully-decorated Christmas tree sparkled near the stage. The family had been assisted by several groups, like the Grange members and the members of the Waves of Compassion. The tree sparkled like it knew this was its last hurrah. The food was excellent—they even served crab. It was a celebration for a life well spent. As I played and we all sang, Amazing Grace took on a special local meaning and Fly Away had a special message of a woman who had spent her life helping her community.

Some Joyful Community Events

Now the community is getting ready for more joyful events. We enjoy the annual Crab Cioppino feed and the engagement of all the Grange members in this annual event. Special thanks go to Kevin of the Sonoma Coast Inn as he lets the congregation of Fisherman’s Chapel use his “upper room” for their weekly service, since the Grange Hall is fully engaged with the Cioppino Feed and they can’t meet in their usual meeting place in the Grange Hall.

Also, the community is preparing for a truly enjoyable evening. It’s Cabaret time.  On February 16 and 17 our community puts on a great evening of “spoofy, goofy lip-sync entertainment. Come on out and enjoy fun, which at the same time benefits local organizations. Tickets go fast, so as soon as you get the word, go down to Candy & Kites, Business Services or Roadhouse Coffee and buy your ticket.

We finally had a bit of rain (not enough, but some.) The trees look lively with the dust washed off; the birds splash in the various bird baths and the hummingbirds circle around the containers (which had some problems with the gusty rain storm.) The waves have quieted down. We are looking forward to a much-needed crab season. It takes a special act of courage to schedule a crab-coippino for nearly six hundred participants, when you don’t know for sure you will have crab. Trust us; we will get crab. The annual Cioppino will go as always. Tickets go fast. If they were sold out when you called, prepare for next year. God-willing, we will do this again next year and benefit our community again. If you have tickets, it is a given that you will come down and ENJOY. Be happy that you live in such an active, involved community Be Happy, and God-willing, the fishermen will have a plentiful catch, get a good price, and all come home safely. The seals are barking. The ducks are swarming in—it is springtime in Bodega Bay.


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