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5 Landscaping trends that will dominate in 2020

Creating a mesmerizing landscape tops the priority list of outdoor enthusiasts. The benefits of a relaxing and soothing backyard go beyond improving the aesthetic appeal of your home.

A clean, clutter-free, and beautiful backyard attracts wildlife. The sound of birds and water making its way through the rocks will help you relax and unwind after a hectic day at work.

Landscaping is both an art and science.

Landscaping trends keep changing every year. Trends in vogue this year can fall out of favor the very next year or done correctly can span the life of time. Let’s take a look at some trends that are expected to dominate this year.

Increased Focus on Creating Natural Landscapes

The number of people living in cities is increasing with every passing year. With more land taken away for development work, the demand for natural and tranquil landscapes where people can relax is increasing.

2020 will see the rise of Central Recreational Districts which will include parks, tourist destinations, and historic landmarks. These areas will be the go-to places for people seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Expect landscape contractors to come up with projects that focus on developing your own CRD (Central Recreational District) with trees, plants, and techniques that control stormwater runoff, and help combat environmental pollution.

Stress on Regenerative Gardening

Soil erosion, deforestation and disappearing native wetlands are three of the most formidable environmental problems being faced by our planet.

A study suggests that if we do not come up with ways to combat these trio of problems, good plantable soil could be gone by 2050.

In 2020 and beyond, more landscaping contractors will respond to the imminent threat by adopting regenerative practices such as composting to rebuild soil organic matter and restore degraded soil.

Contractors to Come up With Strategies for Reducing and Reusing Yard Waste

Only 9 percent of materials consumed around the world are reintroduced into the system. Thanks to growing level of environmental consciousness, landscape contractors in Santa Rosa are shifting towards sustainable practices that aim to lessen environmental impact. In 2020, more contractors will adopt these sustainable landscaping practices to reduce and reuse yard waste:

  • Composting yard waste
  • Using drought-resistant, low-maintenance plants
  • Using certified wood
  • Repurposing materials from local building sites
  • Xeriscaping

Rainwater Catchment Systems

California’s Governor Brown in 2012 passed the Rainwater Capture Act allows YOU to gather water on your property to help minimize your city water usage.

It also allows you in the current drought (if it ever rains again!) to feel a little less guilty about having a beautiful landscape if the water isn’t coming from California’s drained reservoirs.

Rainwater Catchment Sytems save water for landscaping and fire mitigation.
Rainwater Catchment Sytems save water for landscaping and fire mitigation.

Very little water reenters the ground when it rains due to storm drains, evaporation, and run off. By capturing the rainwater you are giving a little back to the earth.

Underground rain filtration system captures water from your gutter downspouts and/or rain that lands on permeable pavers. The water filters down through various levels of rock filtration (depending on the system installed) until it collects in underground containers. This water can then be pumped up to your landscape or in some commercial settings for toilets. (In the photo, the water storage is underneath the pavers.)

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