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Recipes for Seasonal Food

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2019-05-02May 2, 2019

Some farmer's markets are open all year (see**), but most begin in May and June as farmers across Sonoma County harvest fresh crops and bring them to market for our eating pleasure. We are blessed to live where fresh, locally-grown and produced food is readily available. Our markets teem with fruits and vegetables throughout the season, and many have locally made products from quilts to jewelry, ready-prepared food so we can enjoy a meal at the market, and even live music for entertainment.

This list is up-to-date for 2019 so if you see any market we have missed, please so we can include every market in Sonoma County!

2019-04-29Apr 29, 2019

The apricot is a member of the rose family, as are plums, peaches, cherries and almonds. All of these fruits are known as drupes, a fruit with think skin, a pulpy middle, and a hard center enclosing a seed. Apricots ripen earlier then other fruits, which is why you find it early in the summer season. The Romans called apricot trees praecocia, which translates to precocious. The word would morph over time to the word apricot. 

2019-03-29Mar 29, 2019

Peas were grown in early times mostly for their dry seeds. Along with other beans as well as lentils, these formed an important part of the diet for most people in Europe during the Middle Ages. It wasn't until the 1600s that it became popular to eat peas "green" or immature and right after they are picked. France and England led the way in eating green peas. New varieties of peas were developed by the English during this time, this is where the "English peas" came from.  

2019-02-24Feb 24, 2019

Artichokes are quite amazing to me. When the plant fully flowers it looks like the largest thistle you ever saw, almost Jurassic in their appearance. They do hail from the thistle group which is an extension of the Sunflower family. Their name "artichoke" is derived from the Northern Italian words articiocco and articoclos. This latter term is supposed to come from the Ligurian word cocali, meaning pine cone. 

2019-01-28Jan 28, 2019

If you haven't had a blood orange, you are really missing out. Every winter I am asked if the blood oranges are seen at the farmers' market yet. If you are an avid farmers' market shopper, then you might be one of those individuals eagerly awaiting their arrival. Oranges are one of the most special fruits. They give us a taste of summer sunshine during our darkest months. Blood oranges turn up that level of enjoyment to 11. You can juice it for an exciting reddish color and spectacular taste.

2018-12-21Dec 21, 2018

I've found Cauliflower to be an under-appreciated vegetable. Recently, I have grown to love this wonderful cruciferous vegetable. It works great as a substitute for potatoes or other starches in my family meals.  I like to make tater tots, "mac" and cheese (see recipe below) or pizza crust out of this amazingly hardy vegetable.

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