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2019-08-21Aug 21, 2019

Dr. Edward Abramson's book It's Not Just Baby Fat! is a gentle directive with specific guidelines for steering kids in the right direction. Abramson was a fat kid so he knows the bullying and the cruelty that some overweight people must endure. Society has attached certain negative stereotypes to heavy set people in that they are weak-willed, lazy, unattractive. He cites studies that indicate obesity is established before age eleven. 

2019-07-22Jul 22, 2019

The title of a book oftentimes is a major factor in attracting a person to delve into its pages. The title is a come-on like the aroma emanating from a delicious dinner. The appellation, Ashes in a Coconut promises mystery, exotic locals and maybe a little danger.Jack and Laura are beautiful people: young, educated, childless, upwardly mobile. In New York Laura is a successful fashion designer and Jack is a financier. He is offered a job to turn around the fortunes of a troubled bank in Indonesia. On arriving and settling in at their destination the clash of cultures is stark.

2019-06-27Jun 27, 2019

"Our language is languishing; In the Land of Lies: losing its nuance, closing its eyes," writes local poet Magick.

2019-06-25Jun 25, 2019

The Author of 'Red Sky at Night', Deborah Taylor-French, has presented us with a heroine who is 12. She is right on the cusp of adolescence, but her story has appeal for not only those a little younger but for senior citizens as well. Having been born right on the dividing line between California and Nevada, Nevada California Cimino is precocious and curious and like many other 12 year olds she does not always do as she is told. There have been many suspicious fires in her rural California area, a theme very close to our own reality.

2019-06-19Jun 19, 2019

Author, recovering addict and subject of the film Beautiful Boy Nic Sheff will be speaking at Healdsburg Library on Saturday, June 29, at 2 p.m. as part of Sonoma County Library’s Distinguished Speaker Series. Community members are invited to attend the free event.

2019-05-27May 27, 2019

We’ve talked about Random Acts of Kindness (RAK). Let’s talk about this idea again. I think about the ‘old timers’ on the coast and what that meant for them. I truly believe it was an essential part of their life to depend on neighbors and community. June is full of good times on the coast. How about a walk on pristine land at Jenner in the morning, an afternoon music performance at the Timber Cove Resort with Kyle, a browse through the Gualala Arts exhibit halls, dinner at one of the wonderful places to eat in Gualala or Point Arena, and an evening performance at the Theater. Stay overnight at the Lighthouse in one of the Coast Guard cottages or the Bryan B Preserve cottages. 

2019-05-24May 24, 2019

Just in time for June the month we celebrate fathers, Petaluma resident, Marlene Cullen, has released another collection in her Write Spot series this time featuring those patriarchs, in 'Memories'. She always gives hints, directions and instruction on how to embark on what could be a cathartic experience. She tries to ignite "the spark". Diaries, journals, letters, fiction or non-fiction get those words down on paper.

2019-04-04Apr 4, 2019

On each of these hikes you’ll get to know some of the wild plants and their uses, and you’ll learn some of the ways different cultures have interacted with the plants and habitats of the area. Then we’ll consider some of the ways we might connect crafts and culture with habitat repair in order to sustain and celebrate native plants and habitats into the far future.

2019-03-30Mar 30, 2019

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