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2019 Sonoma County Gardener's Resource Guide - you guide to doing business with locally-owned nurseries, landscapers, tree services, suppliers, garden clubs, plants sales for a good cause, and more. Articles by local professionals on pollinator-friendly gardening, landscaping for natural beauty, saving a butterfly - more ways to support our economy and ecological health in Sonoma County 

Here's a link to the Flip the Pages version of this year's print edition.

Locally-owned bookstores offer unique opportunities to experience the reading preferences of the individuals who OWN the stores. Independent booksellers offer their own unique flavor to how they want a bookstore to be - for themselves as well as their community. Please support our Independent Booksellers and Local Authors!

While we still have to figure out where to grow this product people want - and need - finding it is less challenging than it used to be. Regulations mean people can purchase products that are clean, grown without chemicals, grown by farmers who are responsible stewards of the environment, sold by people who purchase product from environmentally & socially conscious individuals.

The product is being measured, identified and regulated so we know what we’re purchasing. When I want a 4% beer I can look at the label. Now you can look at the label of your cannabis product. Do you want THC for the high? You can get 4% or 10% just like beer. You don’t want to get high, just want to de-stress, numb pain, sleep…get CBD products defined for the purpose.

We’ve come a long way. Here’s where to get what you asked for when you voted to legalize cannabis.

All dispensaries have verified their information. Click here for our list.

Small Shops of Sonoma County is an annual TRADITION that goes back 16 years. Like all traditions, we like to be consistent - that’s part of what makes it a real tradition. The consistency here is supporting locally-owned businesses who support our local economy by keeping your money right here at home.

Please see our Advertisers index and map to find your way across the county to the small businesses who are on the same mission we are…keeping our local economy strong. They read the Gazette, so they know exactly why we publish this guide to holiday shopping. We don’t just tell you to go buy stuff - we provide inspiration on gifting in ways that support our home and families. Please see our Holiday Craft Fair Guide and our Great Holiday Events Calendar in the December Gazette print version and online at for FUN Holiday events.

Our preference is to inspire you with ideas on how you can contribute to people’s lives, our community, and still celebrate the holidays in traditional ways and find a gift for someone you care about. 

With that in mind, we want to suggest Keeping Living Christmas Trees AliveRather than buying a tree that has been cut down and will be turned into compost, purchase one that can be planted after the holidays. Ask the nursery where you purchase the tree how long they recommend keeping it in a pot, and how long before you need to put it into a larger pot if you plan to use it for several years. Please also see ourLiving Christmas Tree article for instructions.

And we always encourage you to find gifts that are locally made. Sonoma County is home to amazingly creative people, from musicians to fine artists. Our co-op galleries are the best places to find unique gifts you will never find in a chain store. Please look online for the Gazette’s Art Galleries of Sonoma County created by Su McMurtry for our October edition. And while you are on our website, please see our LOCAL GUIDES to Jewelers, Flower Shops, Bike Stores, Garden Businesses and more. 

We want to be your resource for shopping where our community benefits the most. 

Please see links (below) to all our 2018 articles on ideas for giving gifts this year...experiences top the list!

Small Shops of Sonoma County encourages Gazette readers to shop at locally-owned stores, purchase locally-made products, and find gifts that enhance the lives of people and our local economy. Please see our 2018 edition online to inspire your holiday shopping. Each year we publish new ways to support our local economy during the holiday shopping season. Please support our ADVERTISERS (see Ad Index and MAP) who bring you our FREE publication.  

We also have the Small Shops 2018 Holiday Guide in the Flip the Pages version of our print edition:

Use our guide to find where your favorite cheese comes from and explore cheeses you’ve never tasted before. Numbers on the guide tell you where to find the farms.

Eat Dessert FIRST! Here's you LOCAL GUIDE to shops that make their own ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, slushes, popsicles, and frozen fruit desserts. Many are incredibly imaginative, creating flavors you will never find in a grocery store! 

Small Shops of Sonoma County encourages Gazette readers to shop at locally-owned stores, purchase locally-made products, and find gifts that enhance the lives of people and our local economy. Please see our 2017 edition online to inspire your holiday shopping. Each year we publish new ways to support our local economy during holiday shopping season.

FLIP the pages of the print edition or check out the individual articles online. 

This guide to Sonoma County art galleries includes co-op galleries run by a group of artists and craftsman, independently-owned galleries that feature work chosen by the owner, art centers that show work of members, guests and juried shows, working studios that include a gallery for the public, and street sculptures that would never fit into a gallery. We divided the guide into towns assuming that readers would be on the road to explore galleries in a particular location, and therefore, have the chance to discover new ones while they are in town.

We've done all the work for you - just look at this list to find LOCALLY-OWNED Bicycle Shop for NEW, Used and Rental Bicycles as well as REPAIR. Look on the list for * for shops that do repairs!

Summer inspires Water Play in our swimming pools, rivers, and lakes. Whether you get in or on the water, here's a guide to playing in Sonoma County all summer long.

Here's a guide to locally-made gifts that never fail in their traditional role of expressing our love and appreciation. Locally-grown flowers bring seasonal pleasure to indoor environments all year long.

Front porch of Antiquarian and Florabunda in Duncans Mills, CA

Fine jewelry requires a level of craftsmanship that takes years to acquire. Working with precious gems and metals to create unique works of art defines a jeweler's talents and skills. The list below includes fine jewelers in Sonoma County where an on-site bench jeweler can create custom designs for you, perform repairs, and re-purpose old jewelry.

Pendant created by Mark Shimizu Designs in Windsor, CA

This is our 15th Annual Guide to Gardening in Sonoma County… which includes gardening resources located from Sonoma to the Coast and from Cloverdale to Petaluma. Articles are written by landscaping professionals to educate you on gardening techniques, encouraging a healthy insect population, tree care and more.

Here is a link to our print edition of the Gardener's Resource Guide:

And a link to the Guide online where you can search for locally-owned businesses by category:

Landscaping Supplies & More: Hardscaping is the foundation of a beautiful landscape. Lumber, rocks, pavers, sand, mulch -- you'll find everything you'll need to create a beautiful garden for hours of outdoor enjoyment.

Nurseries and Plant Propagators of Sonoma County: Locally-grown plants are already adapted to our seasons, they thrive in our climate zone, and they do not import insects and diseases from outside our area. Laa the nurseries and plant propagor=tors on this list are Sonoma County owned and pride themselves on locally-grown plants

Gardening Education and Classes:So much to learn, about beekeeping, growing herbs for health, landscaping for fire-prevention, how to build a greywater system and more. here are your resources for education.

Outdoor Power Equipment for GardenersMachines make large projects easier to accomplish. If you need to purchase or maintain outdoor power equipment, here are your Sonoma County resources.

Tree Services and Arborists of Sonoma County: Maintaining trees for health and beauty frequently requires professionals with skills and equipment beyond the scope of homeowners and landscape companies. This work can be dangerous. Knowledge of tree structure, disease, and parasites, how weather and seasons impact growth are all important for healthy trees.

Sonoma County Garden Clubs & Organizations: Sonoma County has so many organizations covering a huge variety of garden interests. From fuchsias to farming, you can find your gardening community here!
Garden Furniture & Decor: Gardens aren't merely for plants and soil. Don't forget about furniture, statues, sculptures, whimsical metal animals, old toys and rusty farm equipment to decorate your garden.
Garden Centers of Sonoma County: One stop shopping for all your gardening needs! Visit one of the many garden centers in Sonoma County for plants, soil amendments, pottery, and gardening tools and equipment.
Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Fish & Seeds: Cultivate a habitat that is bird, fish and butterfly friendly by gardening with plants they need to survive. Here are resources for fish, frogs, honey bees and beekeeping supplies, seeds of all kinds, butterfly-attracting plants and more.

Our Local Shopping Guides are designed to encourage readers to shop at locally-owned businesses that support our local economy.

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Fine Tree Care - Sonoma County Tree Services

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LOCAL GUIDE to Cannabis Dispensaries and Delivery Services, Sonoma County & Beyond.

LOCAL GUIDE to Cannabis Dispensaries and Delivery Services, Sonoma County & Beyond.All dispensaries have verified their information.

Locally-Owned Jewelry Businesses in Sonoma County

Find Goldsmiths and Jewelers who create custom designs, offer jewelry repair, estate appraisals, and gems.

Flower Shops and Florists of Sonoma County

Please support locally-owned businesses and tell them the Gazette sent you - THANK YOU!

Bookstores of Sonoma County - LOCAL GUIDE

Find a LOCALLY-OWNED Bookstore near you - CLICK HERE