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THANK YOU Sonoma County

THANK YOU Sonoma County

Holiday season is upon us now and there are several priorities it would be good for us to ponder.

#1 - what do we appreciate - what makes us happy? Then make sure if there’s a WHO involved, that person knows our appreciation - and if there’s a WHAT involved, we pay attention to it. Everything and everyone thrives on appreciation and attention.

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Beach Watch volunteers documenting dead birds

Who Won when we
Banned Plastic Bags?

We are Beach Watch. This is a program brought forth by the Gulf of the Farralones National Marine Sanctuary. We are the monitors for our coast; we look for and record living and dead animals on our beaches. We are also the volunteer coordinators for debris cleanup for the Sonoma Coast State Park and the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods

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Bodega Bay Ambulance Fund

Bodega Bay Ambulance
Meeting a Funding Challenge

By Vesta Copestakes

Back in the spring, Bodega Bay residents were asked to increase their fire service tax assessment to meet budget limitations. At community meetings and on a community internet bulletin board, the issue was hotly debated. The end result was that the ballot measure was rejected. That put the local fire department into a serious financial situation.  

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Holiday Events, Drives, Music & More - Sonoma County CALENDAR

Holiday Events, Drives, Music & More
Sonoma County CALENDAR

by Vesta Copestakes

Whether you're looking for something fun to do with the family, a way to help those in need, or just want to feel the warmth of the Holiday Season, here are some great resources that we recommend.

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Sonoma County Wineries Turning Wine into Water with Global Partners'

Sonoma County Wineries
Turn Wine into Water
Global Partners Introduces
the Vineyards to Villages Fundraiser

Recently, at Ranyienya Primary School in western Kenya, teachers have had to monitor the bathrooms closely. The students have developed a naughty habit of visiting the new latrines even when they don’t need to use them, just so they can wash their hands. 

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Sonoma County Guide to Pools,
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Dear Readers,

Holiday season is upon us now and there are several priorities it would be good for us to ponder.

#1 - what do we appreciate - what makes us happy? Then make sure if there’s a WHO involved, that person knows our appreciation - and if there’s a WHAT involved, we pay attention to it. Everything and everyone thrives on appreciation and attention.

Our world is very complex so basically no one lives in isolation. There’s no dividing line between communities, no wall that says you live on that side and we live on this side. We intermingle all the time. And even if we don’t physically cross each other’s paths, we have some aspect of our lives that leans on another (think foreign oil dependence). 

I have a theory that the more we depend upon each other the less we will want to be killing each other. But I don’t see that happening any time soon. I’ll keep my hopes up for my grandchildren on that one!

When Keary and Sally Sorenson sent in the cover article on the impact of plastic on sea and bird life, I became that much more grateful for what we are doing as a society to curb the use of plastics. Small steps mount up. The changes in plastic bag pieces showing up after a few years of a bag ban in the south bay are significant. 

There’s a heart-warming video that’s making the rounds on Facebook of people rescuing stranded animals. A few too many of those critters are slogging through floating trash, most of it colored plastic. 

When Bug Deacon of Heritage Salvage was on his Plastic is Drastic campaign, we came across images of entire beaches strewn with plastic washed on shore. Then there’s that island out at sea. Bringing this subject home to our own beaches helps us feel the consequences of our actions.

I just want to say how thankful I am to people like Keary and Sally who clean our beaches and waterways. The last two months have been the season for watershed cleanup where hundreds of volunteers clean the tributaries that dump trash into our ocean.  Cleaning up trash before winter rains wash it out to sea is essential for saving thousands of lives.

And as long as I’m thanking people I want to thank YOU, our readers and writers. You share your thoughts and feelings on our pages and influence others. That’s a very good thing! And when an advertiser tells me someone came on telling them they saw their ad in the Gazette, that business thanks me by continuing to support this paper. What goes around, comes around so…

THANK YOU! ~ Vesta



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