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Kortum Trail, Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County, CA

Sonoma Coast Kortum Trail - Bill Kortum's Legacy to Sonoma County

Sonoma County Environmental Icon, Bill Kortum, Passes Away

William Kortum, who championed the cause of environmental protection in Sonoma County and on the California coast, died at home of prostate cancer on December 19, 2014.  His role as mentor to a generation of activists led many to regard him as the father of the Sonoma County environmental movement.

Read: Sonoma Coast Kortum Trail - Bill Kortum Legacy to Sonoma County
Incubator Farm planned for Rohnert Park by Open Space District and University of California

Incubator Farm planned
for Rohnert Park by Open Space District and University of California

What is an Incubator Farm? Find out at Public Meeting Jan. 28

Any resident of, or visitor to, Sonoma County is keenly aware of the region’s rich agricultural heritage. The wide variety of premium wineries, farm-to-table restaurants, organic farms and orchards, breweries and distilleries, and artisan cheese producers contribute to the vitality and diversity of the economy, and help to maintain the County’s rich rural character. 

Read: Incubator Farm planned for Rohnert Park by Open Space District and University of California
Living Wage Progress Report from North Bay Jobs with Justice

Living Wage Progress Report
from North Bay Jobs with Justice

In 2014 the Living Wage Coalition completed our transition to become a Jobs with Justice (JwJ) chapter and to affiliate with the national Jobs with Justice network. Nationally, JwJ has more than 40 affiliated coalitions in 25 states. The mission of JwJ is “a long term strategic alliance of labor, faith, student, immigrant and civil rights organizations to build a strong progressive movement for social and economic justice” at the national and local levels.

Read: Living Wage Progress Report from North Bay Jobs with Justice
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Sonoma County Coffee Shops

Sonoma County Coffee Shops

WAKE UP & Smell The Coffee

In Search of Small Independently-Owned Shops Full of Flavor & Personality

by Vesta Copestakes
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Dear Readers,

It’s the time of year when people look back at where they’ve been and forward to where they are going. I’m rather fond of that tradition. You get to review where you went RIGHT and where you went WRONG -  learn from the wrong and pat yourself on the back for the right.

In this last year I finally got into Facebook. I resisted because it’s social on a level that I really don’t have time for - yet that’s a perfectly good reason to spend time on it. The postcard communication method. Little snippets of time and connection.

For some that’s just not enough and the brief encounter devalues connection, but from what I’ve noticed  those tidbits of connection are actually what keep people connected where they would otherwise lose touch.

Pam - you out there? Pam is someone I consider a friend even though I have not seen her in several years. We promise each year to share dinner and another year goes by without any shared time. Yet on Facebook we can say hello, exchange some news and know bits and pieces about each other’s lives. That has value.

All of these things are part of evaluating what works and what doesn’t work in our personal and professional lives. 

What will we do differently this coming year - oh - exercise more is always on the list! Did it happen last year? No - will it happen next year? I hope so!

The one thing we can guarantee works for each and every one of us is to value what is good in our lives - good in our community and good in the whole world.

For some reason bad became news and people consume bad like it is candy. Neither candy nor bad news is good for you!

It’s one of the reasons I like print media for my news. I can choose to flip past the page with bad news, scan for good news and pass entirely on misery and mayhem if I choose. And it’s quiet. I love quiet. The sound of a page turning is all I hear - well - and sometimes a cat purring as she stands on the paper I am reading!

So thank you every person who picks up the print edition of the Gazette and enjoys the physical feel of paper in your hands, the reflective surface that is easy on your eyes, the news that we print to inspire you to be part of your community.

We chose the news we want you to know, and what we choose tends to be how yu can be involved on a personal level in our community. 

There are times when involvement means getting pushy about what you believe. If you feel strongly about something and feel certain you are correct in your opinion, then standing up at a meeting or a supervisors hearing so your opinion counts can be pretty vitalizing. 

As we head into February I’d like to put together another collection of your love notes to Sonoma County....your photos that capture what you love about our home. It was a wonderful centerspread in 2013 and I’d like to do it again. So please send me your high resolution photos and whatever thoughts you have on why you Love where you live. Let’s see what we come up with!

Love is a powerful and healing emotion. It makes our hearts swell with joy and appreciation. That would seem to lower blood pressure and let a lot of blood rush through our veins. Hmm - sounds like the benefits of exercising! passive exercise - love. 

Thanks for reading our paper… or telling us where you find it…AND…for supporting our advertisers who make the Gazette possible. My favorite phrase “we’re all in this together.” Being mutually supportive makes the world a better place - thanks for being part of my life.

Happy NEW YEAR! ~ Vesta


We keep putting more NEWSSTANDS out and finding more places to pick up the Gazette - so let us know if there’s a place that you want the paper and we’ll see if we can get permission. 

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And PLEASE support our advertisers who make it possible to publish. They are the ones who pay for this paper so you can read it for FREE. 



Visit our distribution locations countywide. Lots to do - lots to know - lots of ways to be involved in Sonoma County life.


If you want our readers to know about something that's important to you, please send it along. We keep this website updated throuhghout the month and alert people to important events and news items on our Facebook page. If you want to be part of those alerts, just look up the Sonoma County Gazette on Facebook and LIKE us so you get the updates.

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THANK YOU everyone for making the Gazette #2 in Sonoma County for readership, circulation and distribution - both in print and online! AND for caring so much about our home.

Love Where You Live!

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If you like to spend time on Facebook...LIKE us to stay in touch. MORE LATER! ~ Vesta

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