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Sonoma County - Our Kids - Their Future is our Future

Sonoma County - Our Kids
Their Future is our Future

Smart Kids - Smart Parents

As I was gathering material for our education issue, I attended an inspiring event in Sebastopol that shows how a wake-up call can jar people into action. 

In 2012 a report came out that measured Sonoma County school-age children on their use of drugs and alcohol as well as harmful activity. Communities with a high level of citizen involvement make the assumption that they are safe from these negative influences. Look around. There’s a pretty picture of the village environment so many people have invested time and energy into creating and maintaining.

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Environmental Stewarship

Kashia Pomo Tribe plugs in 
to Electric Vehicle Stations

Kashia’s Department of Environmental Planning began its quest into alternative energy transportation in 2010.  Its goal was to acquire reliable, “environmentally clean” transportation so that Tribal members could safely make the 60 mile trip between the remote Rancheria and the Tribal Office as well as access health care service providers and links to other forms of public transportation, while simultaneously reducing its “carbon footprint.”  As a result of the Environmental Department’s efforts, and the overwhelming support of the Governor’s office to develop alternative energy transportation, the Tribe was awarded funds from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) “Innovative Climate Grants Program” in 2013 to conduct a “Tribal Community Sustainable Transportation Pilot Project.”  The Project seeks to determine the feasibility of utilizing Electric Vehicles (EVs) as a Tribal mode of transportation, as well as provide MTC with data on the reduction of green house gasses and other noxious emissions common to petroleum fuel-powered vehicles.  Ahead of the curve, Kashia is the only Native American tribe in the State of California to receive such funds and operate EVs as a primary means of transportation.

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Sonoma County Update
on American Canyon Earthquake

August 24th, 2014

There has been an earthquake centered near American Canyon in Napa County.  The quake measured 6.0 on the Richter scale. Emergency Response personnel are working on minor issues throughout Sonoma County. Currently, there are no reported damages or injuries within Sonoma County.  PG&E has reported roughly 21,000 people without power, and is working to restore service. 

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Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma water levels 8-10-14

North Bay New Water Management Tools
in response to Drought

North Bay drinking water suppliers, including the Sonoma County Water Agency (Water Agency), are moving forward with implementing new water supply management tools such as mandatory water conservation orders, innovative water conservation rebate programs for Russian River communities, seeking approval for adjusting Russian River in-stream flows to preserve storage in Lake Mendocino and Lake Sonoma, and participating in an outdoor water savings community event on August 23 in Santa Rosa.   A new partnership with Scripps Institution of Oceanography has also kicked off to research the role of atmospheric rivers in the Russian River watershed.  Due to three consecutive dry years, water storage levels in local reservoirs remain well below average, including Lake Mendocino at 34 percent and Lake Sonoma at 66 percent of water supply capacities. 

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Sonoma County Flower Shops
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with Flowers

Fresh Flowers deliver natural beauty along with the message

“I care about you!”

by Vesta Copestakes
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Dear Readers,

I’m as troubled as everyone else over police forces across the USA turning militaristic. What happened to Officer Patrick on the beat, talking with the neighbors, guiding our children, reprimanding the teen who is getting out-of-hand with a parental lecture? Or is that some movie script we all believed in but wasn’t true?

I’m a believer that people who put positive energy into what they want will be rewarded for their effort. Case in point is how Sebastopol citizens have been working with the police force, school administrators and teachers to create programs that are feeding kids’ self-esteem. Can other police departments learn from Officer Jim Weaver? 

The Santa Rosa Police Department officer I met at the Community Engagement and Healing gathering last month told us that his department has officers who are teen counselors at each school in Santa Rosa.  That’s positive enforcement rather than fear-based discipline.  

There’s a better way to defend your home against drugs, alcohol and bad behavior and it looks like some local law enforcement behave like the kind of police we prefer. Granted, the Sheriff’s Department could take a few lessons from our local police agencies, but we’re moving in the right direction on many levels. Sonoma County did not erupt into violence the way Ferguson, MO did after an officer-involved killing. But we could have. We had reasons to. But we didn’t.

A sense of belonging is one of the most powerful tools a society has to deter gangs, drugs and alcohol problems. Ninja Turtles brought it up in one of their early movies. Young people with no roots, no family, no community support look to leaders who tuck them under their wings and tell them they have a group to belong with - a family - even if it’s not the ideal of Mom, Dad, sister and brother, etc. With so many “broken homes” our path to peace can be each other.

Sonoma County has several organizations that help people do the work that brings peace into our children’s lives. Kids deserve our support  - after all - they are our future.

Restorative Resources: transform conflict, repair harm
2934 McBride Ln, Santa Rosa

California Parenting Institute offers counselors at no cost for children under 18. 707-284-1500 or EMAIL  

There’s a  lot we can do when we’re motivated.

Thanks for reading,

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