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Patty Ginocchio owns Ginocchio's Restauranton the Bay, is past president of the Bodega bay Chamber of Commerce and is an active member of the community

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2019-03-29Mar 29, 2019

LOVING SPRING AT THE COAST with gentle breezes, nourishing sprinkles and flower blooms bursting! I must have Coastal Spring Fever! With rain measured in feet, rather than inches in February & March, Bodega Bay is now awash in colorful flowers, cruising whales & crystal blue waves. The show is spectacular. Let’s put the flood behind us but keep those who lost so much in our hearts and open our wallets for their fundraisers. DORAN PARK IS GETTING SOME MUCH DESERVED TLC with improvements to the boat launch, showers, kayak launch, new trails& so much more. County Measure M funds, some incredible grants and donations are making dreams come true for this beautiful park.

2019-03-23Mar 23, 2019

UPDATE: The Marathon has been postponed for now. Representatives from the marathon will be at the meeting on Sunday, March 31st as planned.

The Sonoma Coast Municipal Advisory Council will hold a Public Meeting on March 31at 2pm to discuss the Sonoma Coast Half Marathon with members of the community. The agenda will be published on the County website and at public locations along the coast at least 72 hours prior to the meeting for review.

2019-02-20Feb 20, 2019

MOTHER NATURE DELIVERED ANOTHER PUNCH in February to the already soaked Sonoma Coast.  Were we prepared?  Did we learn from last year’s major storm that certain roads & creeks needed some TLC?  Valley Ford Road, the main route for residents and visitors going to the Coast, flooded again. Highway 1 is crumbling into the ocean in many places. Even our Evacuation Route on Bay Hill closed.  Up to 6 million visitors to Bodega Bay a year doesn’t generate enough revenue to fix our roads?


2019-02-20Feb 20, 2019

It was a dark and stormy day and even the newspaper can’t get thru.  Many of the roads are closed, and meetings have been cancelled. Watching the flood waters under the bridge in Bodega makes one realize how tentative our security is. We are grateful to all those who work to assure our safety; floods and all. There are serious issues before the community now.  Some of the various groups, along with Efren Carillo, are planning a community-wide race—along Highway One.  Many of the locals are opposed, especially those who have a business location along Highway One and who fear that their customers won’t be able to get into the shop, store or restaurant.   Some of the success will depend upon the weather.Many citizens  showed up for the meeting at the firehouse about what to do WHEN THE BIG ONE COMES .The attending people listened with great attentiveness. After all, we DO live right on a fault. We are grateful to those in the community who continue to urge us to take safety measures and who take seriously the possibility of a major calamity.




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