BODEGA-Where does your food come from?

Look on your plate, in your fridge, on your table. Can you identify the origin of what you’re consuming? Do you know your farmer? Is it from soil you’re familiar with? How long ago was it harvested and how far did it have to travel before it arrived in your kitchen? Maybe you’re one who grows your food, but even farmers have to shop for the products they don’t grow. Like I’ve mentioned before, now more than ever is when we should be keeping our money local and avoiding big corporations as much as possible. We are our economy, so let’s vote with our actions and let our money speak life into neighbors.

A wide variety of vegetables all fresh from the beautiful hillside at Worker Bee Farm stand.
A wide variety of vegetables all fresh from the beautiful hillside at Worker Bee Farm stand.

A great place to go if you don’t already, is Worker Bee Farm, 12983 Bodega Highway Freestone, CA 95472. They have a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits and extras like eggs and  flowers - all fresh from the beautiful hillside of edible colors. It embodies a biodiverse and organic methodology and their motto is “small farm, big flavor.” If the open sign is out, you’re welcome to shop at a one-of-a-kind farmstand. Farmer Will Scott uses the honor system, with all prices listed per pound. Yes, just a little math involved. You are an active participant in the buying process. There is a hand washing station provided, for safety and convenience. There’s also some sweetly unique pumpkins!

The heart of Halloween can still be harnessed in our own ways. Like all holidays and events this year, we must again get creative. A spooky late night hike sounds fun to me - costumes included, of course. Not sure about you, but I love to dress up. I remember how baby Maia got an owl suit before she was even born, pre-pandemic, in preparation for this October. Some people may still trick-or-treat, some may tell ghost stories, some may play games or watch creepy movies and some may find substantial terror from watching the news. Even looking at our forests and the whole landscape of the West Coast, can be its own horror story. I extend my heart to anyone who has lost anything in this time, or who has generously given to evacuated community members.

Voting is another thing that could look different for people. Since turning 18, I’ve always enjoyed going to my polling place to vote. Many people already send in absentee ballots, only this year it’s more standard. No matter how you do it, I pray that everyone realizes how important it is to vote in this election. The county has a site of resources at where you can find links to register or check your status, information on polling places and FAQ.

If you need to change your mailing address, especially if your home was destroyed in the fire, call (707) 565-6800 or email to update your address.

Don’t forget, we’re stronger together and we can do this.

“Magic is easy if you put your heart into it” - M .J

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