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Wheel of Light Astrology by Rio Olesky

Expansive Jupiter 

Mar 1, 2018
by Rio Olesky, Starwatcher


Jupiter represents the energy of expansion. It expands attitudinally by being optimistic, enthusiastic and joyful. It expands mentally by being oriented toward learning and intellectual development. It expands physically by embracing travel, and it expands spiritually by being open to consciousness development. A good mantra for Jupiter is Carpe Diem – seize the day (and make it a good one). When Jupiter retrogrades each year, however, those patterns change. Jupiter turns retrograde this month on March 8 and remains in that direction for approximately 4 months.

During its retrograde period the growth and expansion associated with Jupiter slowly withdraws. We may feel as if our enthusiasm is limited. In some ways this can be a good thing since Jupiter tends to be excessive in its idealistic expectations. The retrograde enables us to be more realistic about whatever we are doing or projecting to do in the future. Try to avoid a sense that what we are striving to do is insignificant. It’s about practicality not disappointment. We can feel this relative to the house in our natal chart that Jupiter, now in the sign Scorpio, is transiting at this time.

In its orientation toward higher mind growth, Jupiter can focus on philosophy. One aspect of philosophy, in a personal sense, is one’s definition of morals and ethics. Morals tend to be qualities that are collectively defined as important. We all would like to agree that certain things are right and others are wrong. One problem with this assumption, however, is that often the collective definition of these qualities differs from those of an individual. What a person espouses as their own sense of right and wrong, thoughts or actions, are called ethics. Therefore, when Jupiter is retrograde it’s a good time to both redefine and reaffirm our ethics even as we notice how they may be similar or different from societal morality. In turn this can enable us to develop a deeper connection to or understanding of justice. With our country so roiled in division, with so many of our fellow citizens being denied basic human rights, this could motivate us to get involved in a project that is oriented toward some type of social justice.

Because Jupiter is so positive it can greatly enhance one’s sense of self-worth. The problem with that, however, can be a tendency to exalt oneself to the point of self-importance or arrogance. This can lead to others perceiving us as entitled and relating to us accordingly. Similarly, Jupiter can impel us to over expand in ways that are unrealistic which can lead to waste of time or resources. Jupiter retrograde is a time when our sense of self importance is deflated and when we might be less enthusiastic. These attitude shifts are actually more of a correction than a true deflation in that we can become more realistic about who we are and what we’re doing. The correction doesn’t mean that who we are is meaningless and what we’re doing is useless. It simply helps us to see a situation in a more objective context. We might not feel as excited about a project, situation or relationship, but we could actually be more productive of a positive and just outcome in the future.

Jupiter can also pertain to integration, both intellectual and social. When retrograde, Jupiter can reinforce our knowledge base, affirming what we understand in a clear way. On the path to that end, we must see through any inaccurate assumptions we may have about how intelligent, or unintelligent we may be. Similarly, Jupiter retrograde enables us to check in on the degree to which we are successfully assimilating into a social structure. We can note if we aren’t being too hard on ourselves, too self-critical. We can also check to make sure that are being too overly sensitive to others’ feedback. This is a time to notice our motivation for both social acceptance as well as intellectual learning and growth.

Aries: Three personal planets transiting through Aries this month bring energy for new beginnings. Mercury is one of those planets and after it retrogrades on the 22nd it would be advisable to do some research and planning prior to initiating something new. Growth for you this month comes from integrating activity with patience.

TaurusCreativity is strong for you all month, especially in the written or spoken word. Relationships, however, may need some work. Growth can come from getting in touch with deep feelings and emotional needs and sharing the results of that research with a partner or important friend. Harmony between you may suffer for a while, but in the long run deeper fulfillment could ensue.

Gemini: This is a good time to re-think your social life. Who are the people you like spending time with and why? Are those relationships realistic and fulfilling or do you feel as if you do more of the giving and less of the receiving? Clarify these situations by defining your needs in the relationships and adjust the time and energy you share accordingly.

Cancer: Another month with two full moons. This is called a blue moon and even as it tends to be rare, it is astrologically completely insignificant. Nevertheless, a full Moon can heighten both emotional experience and expression. The full Moon on the first is in Virgo, and can emphasize issues of work and health. The full Moon on the 31st is in Libra which would highlight either relationship or family issues.

Leo: A mixed bag of energy for you this month. Early month could bring creative inspiration. Late month brings issues that require practical strategy in order to overcome certain blockages or limitations. Mid month brings confidence and desire for expanding into new areas of activity or awareness. Remember, however, that this is when Jupiter will be retrograde so it’s a good idea to temper your enthusiasm.

Virgo: The full Moon in Virgo on the 1st brings emotions into high focus for you. In general Virgo is not a sign that focuses on or is comfortable with emotion. This is an opportunity, however, for awareness of your inner space to expand. . By expressing your feelings you are allowing others to know you on a deeper level.

Libra: Relationship is in high focus for you this month. Venus will be in Aries for most of the month implying either new relationships or taking a more assertive role in directing the energy of a pre-existing one. The full Moon in Libra on the 31st suggests that you could be more open about your feelings for someone or at least being more expressive of your emotional state.

Scorpio: This is an excellent time for research. This could pertain to a project in school, or one that is simply important to you. It could pertain to learning more about any topic. It could also be focused on philosophical or spiritual issues. Seeking a deeper and more realistic understanding of the nature of life and your place in it is a good way to use the energy available to you this month.

Sagittarius: With your ruling planet Jupiter in Scorpio since last October, you may already be feeling somewhat dragged into deeper levels of awareness. With Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th, that feeling may become even more pronounced. Avoid the doldrums by using this time to become more realistic about your ethics or spiritual involvement with life. Check out the degree and consistency with which you embody in action your philosophical ideals.

Capricorn: There has been an abundance of planets in Capricorn since the beginning of the year. This month Mars joins the party. It can provide you with physical energy as well as the drive and ambition to start projects or to engage them in creative and courageous ways. This is a good time to get involved in something that excites or inspires you but that you haven’t activated yet.

Aquarius: Early month brings energy for social activity. You could start new friendships, take pre-existing relationships into new directions or simply be more open with your friends about who you are. This isn’t about deepening relationships as much as it is feeling Free and comfortable. This can enable you to have significant effects on others even as you feel uplifted and inspired by them.

Pisces: Early month can bring creative inspiration or the desire to follow a calling to get involved in some type of volunteer service. This is turn could be motivated by a deepening of your spiritual connection, which is where and how you could get in touch with that calling.


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