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Windsor volunteerism creates community through the annual Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove. 200 half wine barrels and trees to put up! Photo:
Windsor volunteerism creates community through the annual Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove. 200 half wine barrels and trees to put up! Photo:

Volunteers needed for: 
Christmas Tree lighting event.
Check out E-waste Collection Event
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Oct 30, 2019
by Lorene Romero, Sharp Tongued Consulting


Welcome to the November issue of What’s Up in Windsor. This year has flown by, and we are quickly approaching 2020, wow! What is exciting about Windsor is that we have a ton of activities going on. We are constantly in motion.

Christmas Tree lighting at Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove

Everyone who lives near Windsor is familiar with our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Grove. This is the 11th year and it is located on the Windsor Town Green. This event is hosted by the People4Parks Foundation and the Town of Windsor. You can't miss it. There are over 200 trees, with snow blowing at 5:30 and 7:30 each evening. This event officially opens on Thursday,  December 5th,  when we have our annual Christmas Tree lighting event  and is open 24 hours a day   until January 1st.

We always say “it takes a village” to make this spectacular event happen. If you, or someone you know, can help volunteer some time to help set up and take down, we would greatly appreciate it. We have about 200 half wine barrels and trees to put up to make this happen. It’s a lot of fun and by helping you are part of this amazing experience.

Please sign up at: We need help for the following dates:

Set up: 11/23/19, placement of barrels, 9 to noon

Set up: 11/30/19, placement of trees 9 to noon

Takedown: 1/4/20, removal of trees 9 to noon

Another awesome event happening in November is the America Recycles Day,

November 15th, 2019

Windsor Library

E-waste collection event, Huerta Gym parking lot

Sonoma County Resource Recovery will be hosting an America Recycles Day event at the Windsor Library from 12:00-2:00pm on Friday, November 15th.  The purpose of the event is to encourage Windsor residents to participate in recycling.  We will have a number of informational and activity booths for residents to learn more about how to properly recycle, why recycling is important and different ways they can recycle.  We will have a recycled paper making booth, and creative reuse craft booths for the kids.  You will also have the opportunity to pledge to recycle.  

Along with the activities and information we will be hosting two materials drives.  The Lion’s Club will be doing an eyeglass collection drive and the conservation corps will be doing an e-waste collection event.  The e-waste collection will occur in the Huerta Gym parking lot adjacent to the Library and will be from 12:00-5:00pm.  

Event  contact is Justin Wilcock,  Community Outreach manager for Sonoma County Resource Recovery



Join the Windsor Lions Club in its effort to collect used eyeglasses.. photo: donating just one pair of used eyeglasses, you, too, can support America Recycles Day.

Join the Windsor Lions Club in its effort to collect used eyeglasses.  Learn how these glasses are made available to thousands of people who cannot afford to have an eye exam or buy a pair of glasses.

The Windsor Lions Club will be participating in  America Recycles Day Friday, November 15th  at the Huerta Gym in Windsor where they will be collecting used eyeglasses.  Bring your old used glasses and learn how this program works to help people all over the world. 


Here’s the Town Green Village story…

A heartfelt story and is due to a lot of love and support by the Windsor Community but also by one very special person that deserves a shout out: Karen Alves.

In 2005 the Town Green Village was ready to be expanded to the south side of Windsor River Rd. There stood three olive trees that needed saving from the bulldozer!  With the efforts of community heavy equipment businesses, the trees were prepared for relocation. Unforeseen circumstances would see the trees planted in a site that eventually would be slated for construction and once again, the search for a new home would begin.  

After several months, the three big olive trees, now home to several bees, had found a new home. An urgent email had gone out to source a new property and within minutes we received a phone call from another developer on the south side of Windsor whose planting of the trees and housing of the bees, fitted in perfectly with his general plans for his property. He was equally interested in the preservation and history. It was a miracle!

A plan was set in motion and 4 weeks’ later, with full co-operation from both property owners, the trees and bees were home! We sincerely hope this will be the final resting place for the three 125+ yr. old trees and bees. With the cooler weather and the trees going dormant, we hope the timing was just right!

This is the perfect example of community spirit and the big-hearted efforts of all. With much thanks we acknowledge New Song Church for their patience over these last few months, for temporarily stopping their building project, and to Rich Carnation and his family for taking the trees and bees!! The history of the trees, the preservation of the trees and the bees is not taken lightly!!! With heartfelt thanks your community will tell this story for decades!!!

There are many people invested in the saving of these trees and the well-being of the bees, who we will acknowledge in the near future. For now, we'll leave the light on the two property owners that made these sacrifices. 

Another “feel good” event in Sonoma county is called, Dining out for life. Although it is officially in December, I thought it was worth mentioning early so it could get on calendars. Dining Out for Life is a "dine-and-donate" fundraiser for Food For Thought, which serves over 850 Sonoma County residents living with serious illnesses with healthy food to help them heal. Food For Thought's clients include people living with HIV, congestive heart failure, cancer, diabetes and those who have recently been released from the hospital and are in danger of malnutrition.

Dining Out for Life

Dining Out for Life donate a portion of their income to Food For Thought. Windsor restaurants include Ume Japanese Bistro seen here.Restaurants participating in Dining Out for Life donate a portion of their income on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5  to Food For Thought. Over 75 restaurants countywide are participating — Windsor restaurants include Russian River Brewing Co., Sweet T's Restaurant & Bar,  and  Ume Japanese Bistro.

For more information about Dining Out for Life and the full list of participating restaurants, visit

Wow, I think that is enough for this month. If you have any comments or would like to let me know about some activities for December, please email me at

Whats Up in Windsor by Lorene Romero and Gayle Walz


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