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Measure B Passed

West County High School Measure B - PASSED

Mar 15, 2020


By Jim Walton

Some folks are getting antsy and have expressed concern with possible the outcome ofMeasure B.

Yes on Measure B provides an opportunity to make a difference not only in the lives of more than 1,800 students and hard-working teachers and staff but also in the quality of life in our community, by supporting critical programming in our public high schools. Yes on Measure B will enable us to continue along this solid pathway of providing world-class education and opportunity for all of our students.

Here's the short version of "Where are we now?"

First, the VERY short version: It's over, Measure B has passed!

Now the reasons why:

1. Measure B is currently passing with 68.49% "YES" votes.

2. 23,043 WSCUHSD ballots have been processed.

3. 15,000 COUNTY ballots remain to be processed.

4. Approximately 1009 of these unprocessed ballots were submitted by voters from the DISTRICT (WSCUHSD). The rest will have no impact on Measure B.

5. Since early on Election Day, the number of "YES" votes in each dataset provided by the Registrar has contained 70-75% ":YES" votes. (The average overall datasets released since 9:09 p.m. on Election night is 73.26%)

6. We can expect 739 additional "YES" votes, bringing the total number of "YES" votes to 16,520.

7. We can expect 270 additional "NO" votes, bringing the total number of ""NO" votes to 7,532.

8. The numbers above imply that the final turnout for the DISTRICT will be 24,052 ballots which represents 71.14% of the Registered Voters in the District.

9. After the remaining ballots have been counted, we can expect to see the following figures: YES ..... 16,520 68.68% ... MEASURE B PASSES NO 7,532 31.32% TOTAL 24,052 (From 33,808 voters, implies a WSCUHSD voter turnout of 71.14%)

10. I expect the last few ballots to be counted by the end of the day today (Saturday), or by Monday afternoon at the latest. ***** ***** *****

Q. What if we get a LOT of "NO" votes in the last batch ... Anticipated turnout for WSCUHSD = 24,052 67.67% of 24,052 = 16035 ("YES" votes required to pass.)

We already have 15,781 "YES" votes, so all we really need are another 254 "YES" votes for Measure B to pass. We are projecting that we'll get 739. A sudden drop in "YES" votes is NOT going to happen. (See item 5, above). We are in great shape. I hope that puts minds at rest ... :-)


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