The Unicorn Scouts Receive Another Ribbon

By Ella Jacobs

“Heck ya we did.”

“How many do you have now?”

“I think that was eight. Plus one first place overall ribbon.”

I am not sure how to describe how it felt when they announced that we had won first place overall. I mean, how does one describe a dream coming true besides the absolute best thing in the world? It turns out that with just a little bit of running from station to station, and quite a bit of encouragement and yelling on my part, the new Unicorns could indeed do it once again. Well, we actually did it better. First place overall. First. I have always kept a quote in my mind: “If a dream doesn’t scare you then it’s not big enough.” My dream of actually being a Scout and fighting for that for sure did scare me. But I know now it was worth it. Every single bit of what I went through was worth it. And it always will be. I will never forget what I have accomplished.

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