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The National Arts Drive Online & Offline Fundraising Campaign For Local Artists On A National Scale.

The National Arts Drive is an online & offline grassroots movement and fundraising campaign to bring awareness and financial support to local artists on a national scale.

1-4 PM PDT | 2-5 PM MT | 3-6 PM CT | 4-7 PM EDT | 5-8 ADT

NOTE: The original date of Jun. 6th was postponed to honor the BLM movement & global protests.


Community supporters are invited to drive their city blocks and suburban streets to see, hear, and support the artists, performers, musicians, and designers living in their community from a safe distance.

The driving experience will be paired with a mobile website and interactive map where drivers can engage with the artist and support them from a distance through three main avenues:

1. Like, follow and share their work via social media

2. Donate directly to artists through their chosen mobile paysite

3. Visit a participating artist's online store or website for a future purchase

There is no charge for artists to participate or to be listed on The National Arts Drive map.

Though we are encouraging Drivers to support artists as they approach installations and performances, there is no cost to the community drivers to engage with the experience.


RAW is the world’s largest independent arts organization. Our mission is to provide tools, resources, exposure, and education to creatives everywhere. Since 2009, we have been spotlighting independent artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, beauty, accessories design, photography, tech, and craft. We’ve done so both online and offline through showcase events in 70 cities across the globe and our online arts platform ( ). On March 12, 2020, RAW was forced to halt operations and postpone all showcase events indefinitely due to the COVID-19 crisis. As we wait for our showcase events to be rescheduled, we are taking this profound moment to continue fulfilling our mission of supporting the local arts community-at-large.


95% of artists have lost income as a result of the economic shutdown*

64% of artists have become unemployed due to the crisis*

Nothing takes the place of seeing art, or experiencing performances, fashion or music live in person. The arts community is deeply wounded by this massive crisis; postponed showcases, performances, display opportunities, and tours have compounded with the loss of creative jobs. According to a recent survey, 64% of artists are unemployed as a result of this crisis and 95% have lost revenue as a result of the global pandemic. Independent artists need financial support.

Now more than ever, we need to keep creativity alive, appreciated, and supported to ensure we preserve the creative culture of our generation.

Our mission for The National Arts Drive has three parts:

Provide a national platform for artists to showcase their creative work and performances to their local community from a safe and healthy distance.

Provide a digital platform for direct financial support to the artist.

Provide a safe, and positive arts experience for the community-at-large to engage with while supporting local art.

* SOURCE: COVID-19 Impact Survey for Artists and Creative Works conducted by Artist Relief Fund


Support Local Art.


#RAWartists #NationalArtsDrive

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