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Animal Farm, please discover this clever and enlightening little book—an allegory—it illuminates what is beginning to happen in America and foreshadows the inevitable, shocking outcome
Animal Farm, please discover this clever and enlightening little book—an allegory—it illuminates what is beginning to happen in America and foreshadows the inevitable, shocking outcome.Composite: Pig/Animal farm book cover illustration: Image artist: Ben Templesmith - (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) - Trump Caricature: DonkeyHotey - (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)- Composite by Ceylan Crow

OPINION: The Inside-Out Coup

The antithesis of American democracy.
The denial of humanity, freedom, equality,
and justice for all.

Dec 15, 2019


By Elizabeth M. Phillips

It is time to stop being naive about what is happening in America. Our country has been taken over by a small cadre of Trumpists. Taking advantage of America's inherent unconscious and conscious racism, Trump blamed "the other" for all of the country's problems. Somewhat like Germany in the 1930s, Trump campaigned on promises of economic salvation and cleaning out corrupt government. People believed he could do it too, because he had a TV show where they saw him fire people while being critical of their business acumen. The public ignored all his bankruptcies and unfair business practices while believing him to be a multi-millionaire with this worldly, amazing business prowess who could make America great again.

Well, so Hitler told the Germans in the 1930's. At first imperceptibly, then subtly, fascism quietly took root; and soon blatant, inhumane, ignorant policies, decrees, and sweepingly undemocratic, government-wide changes were taking place with breathtaking rapidity. This is happening here and now. President Trump is not just championing authoritarianism; he is pushing fascism, like the drug dealer pushes pills; this habit of mind can become addictive, with all its destructive ugliness, hatred and small mindedness. It is the antithesis of American democracy: the denial of humanity, freedom, equality, and justice for all.

There is a coup happening in our country — an inside-out one — but a coup nonetheless. Trumpists are perpetrating this Inside-Out Coup against American constitutional democracy. From deep within that Citadel of our Republic — The White House — anarchistic plots have been hatched and carried out. The very nature of our country is under attack from the inside. By ignoring the morals and mores of our form of government, the President is running roughshod over the foundational precepts of our heretofore successful and widely admired constitutional democracy. The vital and essential system of separation of powers through checks and balances guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution is being denied, suppressed, or simply ignored by President Trump's Executive branch and his cohorts in Congress and the Judiciary. It cannot be overstated; without the separation of powers with its concomitant checks and balances our democracy will fail.

America will become a shadow of its former self. No longer the shining light of liberty and democracy admired around the world, the United States will soon be unrecognizable to people everywhere, let alone ourselves.

Now might be a good time for everyone to pull out their yellowed copies of Animal Farm by George Orwell — reread it, share it, pass it on to your children and grandchildren. For those who have yet to read Animal Farm, please discover this clever and enlightening little book — an allegory — it illuminates what is beginning to happen in America and foreshadows the  inevitable, shocking outcome. You will be amazed how easy it is for a society to slip inexorably away from a promised democracy and into a fascist, authoritarian state ruled and run by a small handful of elites.

Sadly, it seems many congressional Republicans fail to understand their constitutional roles as defenders and protectors of the Constitution. Patriotism is loyalty to our American Creed, not to some cult of personality. It feels like we are caught up in some bizarre B-movie I would title "The Political Zombie Apocalypse". The poli-zombies are most Senate and House Republicans; the poli-zombie leader, Mitch McConnell. These poli-zombies seem intent on one thing and one thing only: keeping whatever large campaign contributions (bribes?) they have already received and getting more. This apparently means single-mindedly going along with whatever pseudo-reality comes out of the White House regardless of the Constitution, the rule of law, the oath they took, or their own past positions. Meanwhile, in the McConnell Senate, they ignore all regular order, conduct no political business, except to put more like themselves in positions of power (think judicial appointments). Why did they run for Congress? Evidently not to uphold the Constitution. Essential concepts of fairness, balance, individuality, freedom, equality, the supreme utility of our checks and balances system, along with the enrichment collegiality provides, seems to have eluded newer members and been pathetically abandoned by many of the long-termers. It is time for them to go back through the looking-glass and come to their senses. Our democratic republic should not be so easily usurped by simplistic and naive forces of oppression and false change. The rest of us need to voice our outrage now and vote when we can. Please.


Dec 14, 2019
What an incredibly ass-backwards analysis. And totally inappropriate for your publication. So much space for a simple case of TDS. Animal Farm is about communism. The entire current slate of Democrat candidates are openly far left socialists. The most leftist voting senator of the past 25+ years, the Alynskyite Barack Obama, felt the need to tell them to back off on the leftist rhetoric. And you think Trumpism is Animal Farm? Acute Trump Delusion Syndrome. Trump is the response to Animal Farm, the response to the leftist crackpots and elitists and racialists who have taken over the Democrat party, the response to the insanity of open borders and sanctuary cities and political correctness and identity politics and the takeover of our educational system and indoctrination of our kids by the left. Yes, he can be a baffoon, yes he can be un-presidential. But did you ever ask yourself how such a person could have beaten your chosen one? Answer: Because the electorate prefers a baffoon over your platform of Anti-Americanism, statism, wealth redistribution, socialism and the rest of the nauseating putrid pablum that defines the liberal Democrat platform. The looney leftist progressives have a complete and total lack of introspection, of self examination. ~ Jim Bracco
- Jim Bracco
Dec 15, 2019
Orwellian thought teaches us to accuse others of what we are already guilty of doing. Well played by the author, but ineffective because as we learned in Animal Farm the light of truth always shines for those who are seeking it. Good luck with your TDS. It is real and harmful - hate is an addiction and this author needs rehab. ~ Beef Mcwin
- Beef Mcwin

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