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Petaluma's New Swedish-Mediterranean Restaurant Worth a Visit

Oct 16, 2018


By Peter Posert

Do you ever have the feeling that you were missing out on something only after you found it?

It’s like you didn’t even know you wanted something before, but then its there and you suddenly realize you like it and want it more. Its a discovery, something new in your life that is good.

Could it possibly be that way with a restaurant, too? Once you’ve experienced the pure genius ofStockHome Restaurant in the old Indian place on Western Ave. in Petaluma, you’ll wonder why there aren’t more family styled Swedish/Mediterranean restaurants in the area.

Why? You want this!

The decor is low-key but very pretty, with charming wallpaper and a light country European feel - Pierre Doux with it’s hair down.

The tables are little metal affairs and same with the chairs. It’s family style all the way. The furnishing could be in your own backyard. Many of the tables fit 6 or 8, and couples or friends often sit across from each other next to the next couple.

If this is what it’s like in Sweden, then that’s ok with me because I like people. There are many little 2 tops, too, for those that want a spec of private chatting.

StockHome is loud when it’s crowded. Almost no effort has been made to dampen the sound that I can tell. I know it’s the new thing, loud and busy is better, but it isn’t for everyone. I wish there was a little quiet romantic corner, but wait - that’s what you can find in the secret “back room!”

Ordering is at the long bar, there isn’t table-side waitstaff. If it’s busy, there is a line…

These little trifles about sound or lines or family style, if they bother you at all, fall away once the food arrives. It is nothing short of brilliant.

There isn’t anything listed as “appetizers” but there are “small plates.”

StockHome food

This is anchored by Celery Root Gratin. Usually, I order celery root when I see it because I really like remoulade and its a rare treat. I thought I wanted remoulade, but then this warm small (tapas?) plate arrived it looked like a greenish whitish lasagna hunk. One bite though, and zoom, it’s a whole different thing - a vegetable, not potato based, au gratin for those folks not wanting starch.

The kebabs are marked by bright spices that could be rubbed like nobody’s seen since the last Memphis in May. The salads are large and complex and filling and healthy with yummy curves and twists. There are grilled sausages in a couple of iterations, called Korv Kiosk, for $9.

Therein lies the brilliance.There just aren’t that many places around where a kid could be happy with a very nicely flavored sausage for under $10, while a parent gets a fantastic salad and there are plenty of meat dishes too for those so inclined, all in nicely appointed but casual setting.

Desserts? What else! There are a dozen bags of assorted — SWEDISH FISH!

Been jonesing for a new place? Missing the old Swedish smorgasbord (this isn’t it, but its still super fun). It’s happening a few blocks off the main drag in Petaluma. StockHome. Worth the visit if you’re poking around downtown Petaluma.


220 Western Ave
Petaluma, CA 94952
(707) 981-8511

Hours 11:00am – 9:00pm Wednesday through Sunday

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


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