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Boyes Food Center
Rendering from Highway 12 and Calle Del Monte looking northward

Big Plans for the Boyes Food Center

Feb 28, 2018
by Thomas Martin


Plans for the Boyes Food Center property caused quite a stir when revealed at the Springs Community Alliance meeting...

At a mid-February Springs Community Alliance meeting,Tim Sloat, real estate development manager for KS Mattson Partners, unveiled an extensive project at the Boyes Food Center property at Hwy 12 and Calle Del Monte. The 1.25+ acre property will be fully transformed into an up-scale location with shops, affordable housing, and restaurant.

The BFC development will complement the Springs Container Project up the street. The experimental, mixed-use development will include a ramen-noodle restaurant and affordable housing on the former Lanning property just north of Boyes Blvd. and the Barking Dog Coffee Roasters.

The Boyes Food Center proposal is to include seven shops facing Highway 12, two story housing, and a restaurant. “The apartments above the shops will be one-level flats, but there will be two levels of apartments on 2nd and 3rd. floors.” This will be “21 in the all-new mixed-use building and eight in the Food Center building.” Between the shops and Food Center there will be a walk-through arcade. The Boyes Food Center will have fresh and prepared foods.

What will happen to current residents on the property?

Mr. Sloat stated that the current residents on the property will have 1) right of first refusal, 2) priority access, and 3) opportunity to negotiate below market rates. There will be phased in changes to allow residents to find alternative housing during different phases of construction.

There were a great many questions and observations presented to Mr. Sloat after his presentation that included a “movie.” A good portion of the discussion centered on traffic and parking. Tim Sloat presented a prepared chart indicating the number of required parking units and proposed spaces for different facilities. Other questions were asked about preserving existing trees, bicycle access, and pedestrian facilities. When asked about the changed nature of the market Mr. Sloat seemed to indicate the market would close early. One attendee was critical of this idea. She asked that the market remain open to serve the citizenry in the Springs without having to “get in the car” and drive to town for a package of cheese.

For a complete video of the meeting including a “movie” of the project go to Facebook, Springs Community Group, and click on upper right picture under “Video.” Or, solely for the movie click on “Discussion.” There are multiple resident comments on the FB pages.

Timeline: In a separate communication Mr. Sloat anticipates the overall project to be “entitled by this fall, which will include a Board of Supervisors vote on our required General Plan Amendment and Zoning change—these to allow for a planned community project and to increase the housing density from low to medium.” Realistically, ground breaking will likely be spring 2019.

Barking Dog Coffee Shop Undergoes Refreshment!

Peter Hodgson, owner of the Barking Dog, has embarked on a second round of improvements he refers to as “refreshments,” not remodeling. The “Dog” at the corner of Hwy 12 and Boyes Blvd. serves as the central coffee house in the Springs. On a given day you may find an assortment of people sipping coffee and eating pastries while reading, working on computers, or simply relaxing. Another time you may find folks engaged in a political meeting or social networking center.

At the moment the “refresher” activities include renewing cabinets and damaged flooring. Upon completion there will be more space for pastries, new granite countertops, and changes to the back wall. The work is being performed byFranz Baichl, a local fellow and shipwright, with a shop on Watmaugh Avenue. We all look forward to seeing the completed refreshment of the Barking Dog.


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