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Springs Splash by Thomas Martin

Springs Residents Tell About Proposals
and Prospects For 2019!

Dec 21, 2018
by Thomas Martin


Citizens of the Springs were asked at random their opinions about needed changes or improvements, if any, and what they look forward to in 2019.   

Gail Vigna: We need better paved roads.

Unidentified Buyer at the Fruit Basket: Food and vegetables for everyone. There should be no homelessness.

Teri Shore, Greenbelt Alliance: Protect the Sonoma Developmental Center campus and over 700 acres of beautiful natural landscape. 

Araceli Larion: Maybe we need a bowling alley for fun nights. Let’s have a large community swimming pool for hot summer days. We all love art! Let’s have more artists creating murals. The Ernie Smith dog park simply must be updated, cleaned, and made a welcome place for dogs and owners.

Omar Homran, Fruit Basket: Improve the roads throughout the Springs. 

Tom Tollefsen, Fruit Basket: I’m OK with things as they are. The new roadwork on Highway 12 with street lights is an improvement. There are many small scale local merchants. I’m happy with that. 

John Garcia: We have beautiful Sonoma Creek that is mostly hidden from view. Let’s open up a Creekside trail where Native Americans used to live. If the State can build a trail from Mendocino to Arcata, let the County build a walking and bicycle trail from Glen Ellen to Sonoma. 

Antonio Machuca, Parsons Hardware: We need less traffic and lower rents. High rents are causing people to move to other states. Folks from San Francisco move in and Springs residents move out. 

Christina Palenchar: People need to walk, use the sidewalks in the Springs. More people need to ride bicycles! 

Esther Oros: Let’s have more artwork… more murals, add more color, liven the Springs up!

Shariyah Scalis: The bicycle path that ends at Highway 12 (across from Lucky’s) needs to be extended into the Springs. We have to walk a bike to reach the path into town. 

William Murray, William’s Auto Service: We need greater participation in community groups like the Springs Community Alliance and organizations affiliated with the La Luz Bilingual Center.  Let’s see greater participation in the Sunday Farmer’s Market in the “Plaza” behind the Post Office. 

Elizabeth Prince: Repair the pot holes and sidewalks on Calle del Monte. More flowers and trees are needed everywhere in the Springs.

Alejandra Cervantes: Become a volunteer with Nuestra Voz: the desire to help, to live a new experience, to overcome challenges, to acquire abilities, to establish social relationships, get practice or contribute to the common good, to build the amount of hours to be eligible for scholarships and college admissions, etc. There are of venues to achieve a healthy, dignified, productive and safe life for the families of Sonoma Valley.

Pat Dudy: What I'd really like to see more then a Chinese restaurant would be improvement to the traffic light at W. Thomson and Hwy 12. I believe there should be a "Green arrow" light to indicate when cars turning west from Hwy 12 onto W. Thomson can safely do so. Often there are accidents and close calls (vehicles and pedestrians) as cars are stuck in the middle of the intersection trying to turn quickly before the light changes. I've written the county and Cal Trans and gotten nowhere. Just food for thought. 

Alex Gruber, Fruit Basket: In addition to Mexican restaurants the Springs can use a greater variety of eating places after 9 p.m.

Denise Carvillo, North Bay Credit Union: The Springs need road improvements. Greger Street by La Luz is really bad!

Joe Murphy, Parsons Hardware: We need cheap housing for senior citizens. Highway 12 traffic is too great. 

Al Rappoport: A litter patrol is needed to pick up trash left along sidewalks. 

Matea Medak and Kerri James: The roads in the Springs need improvement. Make them smooth. 

Alex Garcia, Kirsten Hodgson, Barking Dog: I like the Farmer’s Market.  There is a need for more outdoor events in spring and summer months. Makes it good for the Barking Dog. We need more people after 1 & 2 p.m. 

Victor Hodgson: It’s been many years. When is the Mission Inn going to re-open the Big 3? A restaurant? Store? Garage? Do something!

Happy Holidays. 




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