Sonoma County Small Shops 2019 – URGENT!!

By Michael (Bug) Deakin

This great edition that Vesta has conceived, now in its umpteenth year, has never been so important. It is incumbent upon us to follow through and shop local, support local and be locals – Local means Community!

That huge cardboard box of a wrecking ball with the blue racing stripes is taking out Brick and Mortar stores everywhere and we are the only ones who can keep these small shops open.

Join your local Brick and Mortar Club – coming soon to a community near you!

Meanwhile at Heritage Salvage we are going out of our way to become more of a DESTINATION. We are expanding our Kids Area, building an Architectural Wonderland and we are storytellers, just like this Gazette.

The pressures that online shopping are putting on the mere existence of small shops dictates the need to adapt, diversify and support the small shop local way of life! . . . and I must mention Ms. Vesta stopped by and took some photos as she does for all the advertisers. What Commitment!

Make your own commitment to support your LOCAL Brick & Mortar stores!

In this very paper that has been a champion of this cause for so long I exhort you to join the cause.



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