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Sonoma County is one step closer to a ban on new gas stations

The Regional Climate Protection Authority, a group that coordinates climate protection efforts among the Sonoma County’s nine cities and multiple agencies, voted unanimously this week to adopt a resolution urging the county and all of its cities to prohibit the construction of new gas stations.

Meanwhile, in Santa Rosa, the Coalition Opposing New Gas Stations (CONGAS) is claiming victory because a previously-appealed application for a new gas station has been withdrawn.

CONGAS is a Sonoma County-based organization with a mission to stop the construction of new gasoline stations. CONGAS argues that if we have a climate crisis, and need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stop burning fossil fuels, then we need to stop building new gas stations, which will only perpetuate dependency on fossil fuels far into the future.

On February 22, 2021, Petaluma adopted its first-in-the-nation prohibition for construction of new gas stations within city limits. Santa Rosa, Cotati and Sebastopol have been exploring similar bans.

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