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2017 Sonoma County Gardeners Resource Guide
2017 Garden Guide Cover

Sonoma County Gardeners Resource Guide 2017

Mar 1, 2017


The Sonoma County Gazette’s annual Gardeners Resource Guide has become an annual tradition over the 14 years we’ve been publishing this. We started with nurseries then added many categories and we keep adding and re-arranging as more businesses join us in our mission to encourage gardeners to purchase plants locally grown, and support locally-owned garden businesses. If you love gardens, but not gardening, we have a long list of people you can hire to design, build and maintain your property for you as well.

You’ll see we put a lot of emphasis on sustainable practices, from low water use, choosing native plants adapted to our climate, creating gardens that retain water rather than let it run off, etc. There are many reasons to garden using environmentally sound practices. Even a small garden in a tiny backyard can provide habitat for birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators. Every critter is part of the system that keeps our air clean, our natural processes healthy and therefore our own lives thriving.

One of the greatest benefits of gardens is that they clean our air and re-charge it with freshly created oxygen. Plants are our natural air filters. And you may also know that they provide a sense of calm for people. Maybe it’s the oxygen, or the hum of life flowing through each plant, and the buzz of life forms that live in soil, on branches, and fly through our atmosphere.

Luther Burbank called our home a gardener’s paradise because our soil is rich and our climate is easy for growing year-round. This year we even have enough water for gardens. But don’t assume it will rain again next year. Always keep in mind that our climate has a long history of extensive droughts. If we garden with the climate in mind, we will be in balance with nature.

Please enjoy and learn from the articles included in this year’s guide, support these locally-owned businesses and please thank our advertisers by purchasing goods and services from them. They make this guide possible, so we are supporting them in any way we can. Part of our reciprocal support is the MAP in the center of this guide to make it easy for you to find them. They are also highlighted in large bold type within our listings.

And remember that every issue of the Gazette has a gardening section with articles, and a gardeners calendar. Kellen Watson of Daily Acts has been providing a column on sustainable gardening practices each month, and we supplement that throughout the year with guest authors.

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Gardening for Bird Habitat

By Lisa Hug

When we think of attracting birds to our garden, we normally think of putting up bird feeders.  But it can be more effective year-round, and enjoyable, to design your garden with providing habit for birds in mind. Read more...

Gardener Alert! Beware of Clopyralid & Aminopyralid

By Michala Jeberg

“It all starts with the soil.” As many gardeners know, improving soil quality with organic matter is essential for growing healthy plants. Many gardeners rely on manure and compost to improve soil structure and to add slow-release nutrients. Unfortunately, these natural materials can become contaminated with herbicides. Even the slightest trace of troublesome chemicals such as Clopyralid and Aminopyralid can quickly kill hearty plants such as peas, beans, peppers, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, and tomatoes when found in soil or compost. Read more...

Summer Fires - WHEN - Not IF

Given our current winter weather, it may be hard to imagine the return of warm, dry, and windy weather that supports the ignition and spread of wildland fires. Yet summer is right around the corner. When you live in California you need to prepare; it is not a matter of “IF” a wildland fire will occur, it is “WHEN”. Read more...

From Drought to Deluge: An Ecological Approach to Addressing California’s Water Crisis as Homeowners and Land-Stewards

By Erik Ohlsen and Permaculture Artisans

The heavy rains this winter, coming on the heels of years of drought, highlight the need to rectify our relationship to water, both as individual land stewards and communities alike. Read more...


By Jeff Rebischung

Many of us in Sonoma County live in areas where houses are nestled into grasslands, riparian areas, woodlands, and forests. Even homes within city limits adjoin large areas of vegetative fuel capable of transmitting fire. These homes are truly connected to, and are a part of the wildland fire fuels. If it burns, it is fire-fuel. Read more...

Why Your Seed Matters

By Sara McCamant

Seed is the first link of the food chain, yet it is part of our food system that many people pay little attention to. Most gardeners are either intimidated by starting seed and buy starts that others have grown, or they buy whatever seeds the hardware store has on the rack without much thought. Everything from how the plants actually make seed, to all the steps to grow and harvest the seed, are absent from our consciousness when we stand in front of a rack of seeds with pretty pictures on them. Read more...

STONE: a Natural Addition to Any Garden

Stone has long been a favorite building material in the garden. Its weight and mass make it a wonderful choice for retaining materials such as bark, soil, and mulch and its natural beauty has a way of fitting in to any landscape seamlessly. The earth-color tones of natural stone contrast nicely with the bright colors and soft textures of lushly planted borders and provide a cool and peaceful place for the traveling eye to rest. Read more...

Ground Covers: The Beautiful Carpet of Garden Design

By Mary Frost, The Gardening Tutor

You created your garden space but something is missing. You chose lots of plants with different forms and colors that complement each other but something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe looking at your garden makes you think of polka dots. Perhaps all that’s missing are swaths of low growing plants to bring it all together, the way that a carpet can unify the interior design of your home. Read more...

The year was 1997, 20 years ago

By Sherry McGary

I had been in the house for several years now, the first year I had pulled up all the weeds and discovered a bit of a garden underneath, that was a nice surprise. Then I acquired a bunch of old windows from our family cabin and built a funky ole green house.  It was there next to that greenhouse, a big weedy spot that called out to me every time I passed…. That’s the spot… I’d been looking at….. and turning over in my mind… for months. That’s where it all began for me….my starting place. Read more...


GardenGuide-Map 2017

Advertiser - # on MAP - Page # in Print Editon

Anchordoguy Landscaping - #33 - page 10

Apple Blossom Nursery - #34  - page 31

Attune Landscaping - #1 - page 19

Backyard Birder - #53  - page 27

Bamboo Sourcery - $2 - page15

Beekind Honey & Bee Store - #54 - page 8

Bennett Valley Gardens - #3 - page 7

Bohan & Canelis Engineering - #35 - page 31

Burgess Lumber - #23 - page 9

Cal Fire - Sonoma, Lake, Napa - #36 - page 11

California Flora Nursery - #4  - page 2

Canyon Rock Quarry - #24 1- page 2

Cloverdale Nursery - #5 1- page 5

Creative Environments - #37 - page 21

Dave Bramham Sand & Rock - #25 - page 31

DryScape Landscape Materials - #26 - page 5

Earthworks Landscaping - #38 - page 5

Emerisa Gardens - #6 - page 15

Fine Tree Care - #47 - Back Page

Garden of Ease Landscaping - #39 - page 13

Gardenworks Inc. - #40 - page 31

Grab n’ Grow Soil Products - #27 - page 9

Greenman Nursery - #7 - page 10

Hallberg Butterfly Gardens - #8 - page 2

Harmony Farm Supply - #9 - page 6

Hart Horticulture - #41 - page 25

Johnson Ornamental & Building Stone - #28 - page 4

Jungle Bamboo, Palms & Olives - #10 - page 25

Matthew Banchero’s Tree Service - #48 - page 22

Momiji Nursery - Japanese Maples - #11 - page 2

Mostly Natives - #12 - page 31

Mountian Meadows Landscaping - #42 - page 21

Mostly Natives - #13 - page 2

Pacific Landscapes - #43 - page 31

Permaculture Artisans - #44 - page 13

Planet Horticulture - #45 - page 7

Prickett’s Nursery - #14 - page 6

Quarry Hill Botanical Gardens - #15 - page 29

R-TREES Wholesale Nursery - #16 - page 15

RAMM Rock Supply - #29 - page 12

Richard Todd Building Contractor - #56 - page 27

Russian River Rose Company - #17 - page 14

Sandborn Tree Service - #49 - page 23

Sequoia Landscape Material - #30 - page 8

Soils Plus - Soiland - #27 - page 9

Sonoma Horticulture Nursery - #18 - page 31

Sonoma Marin Watersaving Partnership - #57 - page 3

Sonoma Valley Wholesale Nursery - #19 - page 19

Sturgeon’s Tree Service - #50 - page 23

Sweede’s Feeds Pets & Garden - #52 - page 25

The Seed Bank - #$55 - page 27

Thrive Hydroponics - #31 - page 31

Vintage Tree Care - #51 - page 31

Walker Avenue Nursery - #20 - page 19

West County Oasis Bamboo Nursery - #21 - page 14

Western Hills Garden - #22 - page 4

Wheeler Zamaroni Landscape Supply - #32 - page 4

Workerbee’s Land Service Co-Op - #46 - page 31

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Garden Centers and Plant Propagators

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Education: Learn & GROW!

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