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Sonoma County Fire assessment of evacuated areas in process

Oct 15, 2017


The County of Sonoma has begun the process of assessing evacuated areas of the unincorporated county for damage. This is a necessary and important process as it allows the County to determine what dangers may/may not be present and what repairs may/may not be needed before evacuation orders are lifted.

In short, it's a step closer to moving our displaced residents back home !!!

During this process, Permits and Resources Management Department (Permit Sonoma) Employees will be in the evacuated zones. Their vehicles will display the Sonoma County Seal and the Employees themselves will be displaying prominent County Identification Cards. For UPDATES:

Any citizen who encounters a Permit Sonoma Employee and questions their identification is encouraged to call Sheriff's Dispatch 707-565-2121 and we will confirm their identification.

While we appreciate the diligent efforts our citizens all over the County displayed to help thwart looting, we do need to ensure that Permit Sonoma Employees are able to safely conduct their inspections.

Damage Assessment is one step closer to recovery !!!

FIND YOUR HOME: Here's a VERY useful link: Type in your address and you will see an aerial map of where you live after the fire swept through - you can compare it with before if you just need to.

Housing Resources:

The Permit Sonoma Planning Division and the Sonoma County Community Development Commission have joined together to offer housing resource assistance for people who have been displaced by the wildfires in unincorporated Sonoma County. We will be providing information about disaster-related housing opportunities and upcoming ordinance changes.

Contact Us For more information, questions, comments:

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Disaster Recovery Housing Resources: Resources for people in Sonoma County affected by the wildfires needing housing, financial, and related assistance.

Disaster Recovery Housing Resources (PDF)

Spanish Translation:

El condado de Sonoma ha comenzado el proceso de evaluación de las áreas evacuadas del condado no incorporado para determinar el daño. Este es un proceso necesario e importante, ya que le permite al Condado determinar que peligros pueden estar presentes y que reparaciones pueden ser necesarias antes de que se levanten las órdenes de evacuación.

¡Es un paso más cerca de trasladar a nuestros residentes desplazados a casa!

Durante este proceso, los empleados del Departamento de Administración de Permisos y Recursos (Permit Sonoma) estarán en las zonas evacuadas. Sus vehículos mostraran el sello del Condado de Sonoma y los empleados mostraran tarjetas de identificación del condado.

Cualquier persona que cuestione la identidad de un empleado del Condado de Sonoma, se le anima a llamar al despacho del Sheriff al 707-565-2121 y le confirmaremos su identificación.

Apreciamos los esfuerzos diligentes que nuestros residentes en todo el condado han mostrado para ayudar a evitar el saqueo. Necesitamos asegurarnos de que los empleados del Condado de Sonoma puedan realizar sus inspecciones con seguridad.

¡La evaluación de danos es un paso más cerca para recuperación!


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