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SOCO Rises - Rebuilding Sonoma County

On the first night, with fires still burning, we talked about the myriad positive efforts and initiatives coming together... so many initiatives, it was hard to keep track of them all. So we asked: in the midst of all these good intentions, how do we organize the organizers? How do we ensure that no one is left behind as we rebuild? How can we address the “Saturday problems” — the problems our community faced on Saturday, October 7 — as well as the crises caused by these catastrophic fires?

Through hundreds of hours of meetings (no, seriously, hundreds) we rallied around a concept and a movement. That concept and that movement is SoCoRises.

The most important thing about this movement is that we don’t want to tell you what to do. Rather, we want to ensure that every single person in Sonoma County has an opportunity to speak up and be heard during the recovery and rebuild process. We want community input to organize the organizers — to inform local government, to influence the private sector, to guide the efforts of local non-profit organizations.

Join us at — and let’s rise together.

Even before the smoke cleared, people were talking about rebuilding Sonoma County. But what does that look like? Who will make the decisions? How can we all become stronger together? SoCo Rises has formed so you can add your own voice. We need to rise together. ALL OF US. What do you care most passionately about? Choose a topic and express your opinion.








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