Sexy movies that will lighten up your pandemic existence

Sexy Cinema

Do you need to spark yourself out of the pandemic doldrums? Are you still sheltering in space while being banned from the gym and your favorite restaurant? How about a nice, sexy movie to lighten your spirits? To begin with all of these suggestions are on DVD and none of them are X-rated. Some just have very flirtatious or suggestive banter that make them stand out. Some are funny while others are hot and steamy.

Out of Sight is a sizzling combination of thriller and romantic comedy. It made stars out of its two leads, George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez. It seems George is a classy, charming felon and Jennifer is a federal marshal who is pursuing him in more ways than one. Somehow they end up in the trunk of a car in spoon positions and they find it very titillating even though they are on opposite sides of the law. Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh brings their attraction to fever pitch as they have drinks at a hotel bar. He cross-cuts with future scenes of their actual love making that would inevitably follow.

The times were changing and Neil Armstrong had just stepped out into space giving this film its title, A Walk on the Moon. While on vacation Diane Lane, married mother of two, falls under the spell of free-spirited blouse salesman, Viggo Mortensen. Against the backdrop of Woodstock their affair changes everyone’s lives. Diane and Viggo manifest their love under a waterfall. On the screen this scene is hot but apparently the filming of it wasn't. Diane said she was cold and she had to step on slimy things.

Michael Douglas is investigating a murder in San Francisco and the prime suspect is Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Unwisely Michael begins a torrid affair with her. Ironically the blatant depiction of the two having sex is not nearly as erotic as the interrogation scene, cool blonde in a white dress generating white heat.

Like Water For Chocolate is the magical realism version of sensuality. Tita loves Pedro but he is her brother-in-law. He gives her a bouquet of roses and she pours her frustration into her cooking and her rose petal sauce gives everyone who eats her dish an orgasm.

Photograph of film poster with a display-of scene images from ’When Harry Met Sally’. (free-use)
Photograph of film poster with a display-of scene images from ’When Harry Met Sally’. (free-use)

When Harry Met Sally they became friends and many years later, lovers, that is when things got complicated. This film will be remembered for the classic scene in the cafe when Harry, Billy Crystal, and Sally, Meg Ryan, argue about whether a man can tell when a woman is faking an orgasm and Meg precedes to demonstrate very openly prompting the woman sitting in the next table (actually the director Rob Reiner's mother) to say, "I'll have what she's having."

A sultry, modern neo-noir, Body Heat stars William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. Attorney Hurt is manipulated into murdering Turner's husband. The plan is they will then share the spoils but gorgeous Turner has other ideas. Ironically there is no graphic sex but because the setting is south Florida the whole atmosphere is humid and erotic, exuding pheromones.

Shelter with some of these wonderful sexy stories. Let them stir your imagination and stimulate your wildest dreams.


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