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Chick Licken - the Sky is falling

Chicken Licken is Crazed and Running...

Sep 1, 2017
by Zoë Tummillo, Communications Concepts


...she thinks the sky is falling! Is the sky falling? Once again, Perception fights with Reality, and, for some, is reality. There’s a lot of smoke and it’s getting harder and harder to see where the flames are and what they really mean. It’s difficult to not speculate. The analogy springs to mind, as panicked people run for their lives from deadly vehicles piloted by demented fanatics: Chicken Licken running like the wind, herding her chicks to safety.

I almost made it out of the picture with one of my securities safely in mind – the one about leaving my children a beloved country at reasonably low risk of chaotic upheaval. Well, I didn’t make it out of the picture... I’m still here. Instead, I’ve gotten to stay and see the White House in need of fumigation, Neanderthals waving Nazi banners and swastikas, and widespread creative insults in free-fall. Backward revisionists would torque our history and its mementos into a tie-dye re-design that is so garishly beyond blatant disrespect that (printable) words defy me.

It takes a very special form of twisted mentality to disrespect every soul who lays their life on the line on battlefields from Gettysburg to the Battle of the Bulge, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan... and, at home, in your own neighborhood. How badly do I really want to go to that Fair or a concert at the Shell in Boston Gardens, or that Farmers’ Market I like, or a crowded movie theatre, or the local parade? There are many newly sophisticated risks that used to be simply the great stuff we enjoyed at our leisure!

Those old adversaries, “reasonable security vs paranoia,” have expanded their risk lists to virtual absurdity! Well, I’ll be damned before I will give up the very things that are so much a part of our USA.I just do them now with the added caveat that there is higher risk involved: I could buy my latte and a spun sugar cotton candy, and a minute later become human confetti. Not funny; but apparently not out of the question.

Our amazing publisher, Vesta, themed this month’s Gazette“Learning Through Experience...” And are we ever. I have yet to speak with even one person, concerning the national crisis at hand, who did not mention in some way that we are learning hard lessons daily (by default). Safety is redefining itself. Old paradigms are reconfiguring and scrambling to catch their balance in a game with swiftly changing rules.

I’ve listened (with mounting anger) to an ugly and queer variety of rationalizations and excuses. In my opinion, it’s nothing less than pure and simple incitement to riot with intellectual cattle prods, not-so-cleverly disguised as syrupy love for truth, pseudo-patriotism and camaraderie with a piece of shameful heritage. Inciting a citizenship to riot, and doing it because they can, needs all of us fighting to turn the tide.

I am hoping against hope there is no after life where I’d have to face my ancestors! They sacrificed everything for what traitors want on the auction block, sold to the highest bidder! What could I possibly do or say to Clorinda, Natale, Nicola and Angela Maria that would make right what we have allowed to develop?

Terrorism at the hands of strangers, often, mere boys and girls (or maybe the neighbor down the street), has literally tied itself to our psyche like tin cans to a puppy’s tail. I believe there’s sick amusement in part of this phenomenon that is devoted to cultivating fear like a field of ripe corn where one can duck into the rows – now you see me, now you don’t.

I fold FDR’s wisdom into my coping: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” (It helps when I put on my favorite sun hat and head for the Farmers’ Market...)


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