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Seed Library Sprouts in Santa Rosa

Thinking about your spring garden? Central Santa Rosa Library has added a seed library, in partnership with the School Garden Network, which provides the seeds. The seed library opened in January 2020 and is brimming with seed packets.

“The seed library is a very low cost way for patrons to garden and provides access to organic and heirloom vegetable and flower seeds. By using the seed library, patrons can diversify their diet and eat locally produced food,” said Beth Lane, Library Associate at Central Santa Rosa Library. “We invite any and all patrons to take advantage of the service.”

The seed library contains packets for a variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables–everything from greens, roots, squashes, tomatoes, peppers, beans and peas, to cat grass, hollyhocks and sunflowers. There are many heirloom and organic choices, as well as seeds for plants that attract and feed pollinators.

By hosting the seed library, Lane said that the library hopes to expand access to seed packets for schools and individuals. Lane’s co-lead for the project, Library Associate Rebecca Patrascu, added that the seed library will also play a role in educational events such as gardening workshops for teens, and will be promoted at Master Gardener and beekeeper events.

The unconventional little library came to be when the School Garden Network approached the Central children’s staff with a request to house the seed library at the branch.

Central Santa Rosa Library’s seed library is in the main reading room, opposite the adult reference desk @ 211 E Street, Santa Rosa (707) 308-3020

The Healdsburg, Sebastopol and Petaluma branches also host seed libraries.

HEALDSBURG REGIONAL LIBRARY, 139 Piper Street, Healdsburg (707) 433-3772

PETALUMA REGIONAL LIBRARY, 100 Fairgrounds Drive, Petaluma (707) 763-9801

SEBASTOPOL REGIONAL LIBRARY, 7140 Bodega Avenue, Sebastopol (707) 823-7691

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