Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival—2020 - POSTPONED


Due to circumstances related to the corona virus, SDFF 2020 has been postponed, and tickets sales have been suspended. Please watch our website for more information as it

In the meanwhile Watch the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival 2020 Teaser by Jane Winslow ©FireDancer Productions 2020. Original Music by Tyler Carson from Living Music. Click on Image to view:

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SDFF 2020 Brings The World of Documentary films to Sebastopol

Spring in Sebastopol brings many things. Apple blossoms, chicks. A chance of rain. And, rain or shine, the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival.

This year the Doc Fest (SDFF 2020) takes place March 26-29 when 72 films from 49 countries will be screened at two venues: Sebastopol Center for the Arts and Rialto Cinemas®. Documentary enthusiasts will gather in our little Sebtown. They will discuss films over coffee at Retrograde Roasters, Taylor Lane and many other purveyors of the bean that dot our landscape here. They’ll rush from one venue to the other in order to listen to a Special Program at the Center for the Arts and then catch a slate of short films at Rialto Cinemas®, stopping quickly at Portico or Sebastopol Sunshine Cafe along the way for a quick bite. Some will opt to dine and drink at Rialto Cinemas® dining area and bar.

Some will stroll around The Barlow, Official Marketplace of the Sebastopol Documentary Film Festival, to meet friends for a meal or a drink. The town plaza is a great place to find a cozy spot to discuss what to see next or check out Main Street eateries. Then it’s off to the next venue a tad early to assure a seat. This last, long weekend in March, the town is a buzzing community of filmmakers, volunteers and local hosts who house filmmakers for the entire Festival as Sebastopol opens its doors and hearts to the WORLD OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS.

Join us as we celebrate the best in documentary and its filmmakers this month. Become a part of SDFF 2020. Ticket information and schedule now available at

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