Rio Nido Magic by Elena Chronis - October 2019

Halloween: Come One, Come All! Pee Wee Mini Golf in Rio Nido is open on October 31st. Bring the Kiddos for some Goulish and Spooktacular fun! Candy and refreshments on this Devilish evening! It starts at 6 pm. Dare to putt!

Abandoned Vehicles: When living on the river, we see quite the array of abandoned trailers and vehicles. It's a darn shame and irresponsible to leave these clunkers for the Community to deal with. No need to fret though, it takes one call to the Sheriff who will come out and tag them and then they get towed. The number to call is 707 565-7395.

RN Post Office: Another Update: It appears that our beloved post office will be open to us Rio Nidans in the very near future. It will, however, be unstaffed, but you will be able to retrieve your mail there. Stay tuned…

Rio Nido Sign: Our beautiful red sign was damaged by either a trailer or a utility vehicle and will need to be repaired. FRN is currently working on this process. Clare Harris of Johnsons Beach fame has generously offered to pay for lighting the sign for us! How exciting! More to come.

Land Donation: Clare Harris and FRN are in talks currently. The Harris family is in talks discussing a possible donation of the upper portions of land in RN. The land can possibly be used as hiking trails. The land is not developable though. So we shall see what transpires.

Speeding:We have a huge speeding problem here in Rio Nido. Drivers are out of control. Speeding on Canyon 6 and 7 and Sequoia. Two pets have been run over on Canyon 7 and killed. There are conversations regarding speedbumps being installed due to careless drivers. Neighbors are banding together and taking down license plate numbers and reporting to DMV and the CHP. Several have already been reported.We know who you are!

Friends of Rio Nido: The next (FRN) meeting is scheduled for November 17th, 2019 at 11 am at the Bruno Farnocchia Park.www.frn@rionido.netSee you there for all of our Community Updates!

Pet of the Month: Minka Minx is a four-year-old Chihuahua. She is a Rescue from the Green Dog Rescue Project in Windsor. She is a very sweet girl who loves her humans and her siblings. She is a lover and especially loves to snuggle with her Daddy. She is a lounge lizard and her favorite past time is to burrow under the bed covers, and not to forget this girl loves her doggy treats. She can sniff them out a mile away!

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