Rio Nido Magic by Elena Chronis - July 2019

Rio Nido Lodge:

Summer is upon us! We at the Rio Nido Lodge are sad that we are closed for this summer. The flood was not our friend and came at the most inopportune time.

For the past 2 years the Lodge came out of it's slumber and was hopping with business. The Innkeeper team of Jennifer Beazy, Martine Widmann and yours truly brought new life to the Lodge. As Innkeepers we truly enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life and providing a comfortable, clean and welcoming stay for all of our guests with amazing breakfasts and amenities. We just began getting a slew of repeat customers, we were renting out our party spaces and voila the flood of the Century decided to put a damper on all of our hard work.

Many of you have been asking me about the Lodge and what is going on. Well, no need to fret. Currently plans are under way and we should have some good news for everyone in the upcoming months. Just be patient, good things go to those who wait as I always say and the Lodge will resurrect,. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

Rio Nido Homeowners Association Events:

Due to the lack of Volunteers needed, sadly, our 4th of July picnic is cancelled.

However, The Golf Tournament at Northwood is scheduled for August 3rd;

Pancake Breakfast/Art Show is on August 4th;

Labor Day Picnic is on September 1st.

(The Homeowners Association is in serious need of volunteers for the events).

Please email President Douglas Misner at:

Rio Nido Pee Wee Golf:

Its that time of year to come out to Pee Wee Golf. The course has been spiffed up and painted and is ready for all to enjoy. There is a new popcorn machine and lots of refreshments and ice cream for all the kids to enjoy. Heck, make an evening out of it for the kids. If you like the ice cream, Its-It, well you've come to the right place. YUMMY! There's nothing like making great summertime memories. Looking forward to seeing you there! Don't miss out on a great time!

RN Tennis Court:

Come and play......its been busy.....enjoy it while summer is here! Ive seen folks play tennis, badminton and volleyball and socking the large beach balls...Its a great way to get the heart rate going and burn those calories. FUN in the SUN!

Changes in Rio Nido:

Boy the tide sure has changed in Rio Nido. In the ten years I have resided here I have seen nothing but amazing things happen here. Lots of new neighbors moving in and enjoying the magical beauty of this very special slice of heaven. It was just a matter of time for the secret to get out on how wonderful this little enclave is. Neighbors are friendly, homes are being restored, the dog park is always busy, our Community garden is abundant, its all good news. If you are thinking of buying a summer getaway or a year round residence, now is the time to buy. There are some beautiful homes on the market. Don't miss out!

Rio Nido Roadhouse:

The RNR is busy as ever. Comeon down for some great pub food, delicious libations and music on weekends. Don't forget the concession stand for the kiddos and laying out on the grass getting your tan on. The pool is open to cool down after a hot day!

See you there!

Pet of the Month:

Elvis the Macaw just celebrated his 30th Birthday. He is a busy bird. He spent the first few years of his life in San Francisco. He later moved to San Rafael and now resides in Rio Nido. Elvis loves the redwoods and enjoys the fresh air. He is a loving bird with his humans. He enjoys singing and talking and imitating his mommy. He is quite messy when it comes to his room and is not too fond of strangers and may take a nice bite if you rub him the wrong way. He is very protective. Other than that he is quite docile. Lets wish Elvis a very Happy Birthday!

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