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Tonya (Heather Buck), Alexis (Staci Arriaga) and DeeDee (Shannon Rider) in the title number:Scream Queens.

Review – ‘Scream Queens’
at Lucky Penny Productions in Napa

Apr 11, 2018
by Alexa Chipman


Gather for GlamaGore ScreamiCon, a convention celebrating low budget horror films and the ridiculous role of negligee-clad actresses shrieking and running from monsters. This raunchy parody with outrageous bangled costumes and fluffy blonde wigs by Taylor Bartolucci features silly, entertaining songs detailing the less-than-glamorous lifestyle of “B-Movie” acting, such as “Don’t Open That Door” and a melancholy “Happy Endings” lamenting a dearth of lasting relationships.

Scott Martin’s musical is loosely structured around a panel of six women, who introduce highlight reels from their careers, including dreadful and amusing home movie horror film clips by Barry Martin and Michael Scott Wells, such as a daylight vampire who is held at bay with pool noodles, a heroine tottering through a local winery in her high heels, and the “Closet of Doom”. Random vignettes take center stage, rather than a story, and audience participation is encouraged, including a screaming contest with a prize of throat lozenges.

The ensemble surrounds Nadine (Daniela Innocenti Beem) who insists that she is ‘Still in Demand’.

Sucking Kentucky bourbon through a straw with the enthusiasm of a kindergartner with a juice box, Daniela Innocenti Beem’s Nadine is cynical from her lengthy career, batting away the youthful antics of her fellow actors with “Still in Demand”. Heather Buck’s flighty Tonya idealizes the helpless, shrieking Fay Wray from ‘King Kong’ contrasted with PhD graduate Alexis (Staci Arriaga) who is an intelligent woman who decided to become a writer and director.

Richelle (Danielle DeBow) takes the spotlight in a plea for her happy ending.Sporting a sassy attitude and irresistible confidence, Danielle DeBow shines as Richelle. Taylor Bartolucci portrays a nervous Bianca, who is unsure of the sudden pressure to sing and dance, hopping wildly and leading a unique exercise routine, from hunting for the source of mysterious sounds to fake running in front of a green screen.

‘Scream Queens’ is a frivolous romp with campy monster movies and a diverting cast that revels in atrocious special effects and bawdy innuendos with music direction by Craig Burdette.

Scream Queens

Presented by Lucky Penny Productions through April 14, 2018
Fri/Sat at 8:00pm

Lucky Penny Community Arts Center
1758 Industrial Way, Suite 208, Napa, CA 94558
(707) 266-6305

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