Petaluma Perspective by Houston Porter - January 2019

Petaluma Floathouse

The Petaluma Small Craft Center installed the pilings for our Turning Basin floathouse this past summer and are now looking for a bit more help funding the rest of the project. There are many “naming” and recognition opportunities available to those interested in helping bring this great project to fruition. Contrary to the perception conveyed by all the recent articles about dredging, which is much needed to help keep the river economy afloat, the river is still usable for human powered traffic. And, the more we use it, through projects like the Floathouse, the more pressure it puts on civic leaders to finally dredge the river. Visit

2019 Petaluma Area Crab Feeds

Although three Petaluma area crab feeds already occurred in December, the heart of the Petaluma area crab feed season starts up in January and continues through until March, ending with a bang at Heidrun Meadery’s incredible feed, run by Chef Matt Elias and Laine Ayre of the Bodega food truck.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when attending a crab feed. First, they are usually the primary fundraisers for area non-profits, are run by volunteers, and often sell out. Therefore, buy your tickets early, even if you aren’t sure you can make it, and then give your tickets away if you can’t. Also, contribute to the raffles and auctions, and buy into a few drinks, desserts, or whatever extra they have. It all goes towards good causes, so be generous. And because they are run by volunteers, be patient. You may not get restaurant quality service (although you’ll often get much better), but just enjoy the experience of this local tradition and of getting to know the new people seated around you, knowing that your contributions are going directly to local non-profits who in turn help locals in need.

Also, don’t be afraid to bring your own tools (bibs, crackers, butter warmers, etc.) and if a feed includes free drinks (many do), it is usually okay to BYOB, if you prefer. But please, be discreet.

The times listed are simply when the doors open; dinner usually starts anywhere from a half to an hour later, so don’t feel like you need to be there right away. And these are all-you-can-eat affairs, so don’t worry about them running out if you don’t get there early. For the full descriptions and ticket buying options, see either the Petaluma Argus-Courier’s December 17, 2018 print edition or visit, or do a Google or Facebook search.

Fri, Jan 4 @ 6 p.m. - Native Sons of the Golden West @Hermann Sons Hall. $50 ($55 @door.)

(707) 763-1736

Sat, Jan 12 @6 p.m. - Senhor Santo Cristo Society's Portuguese Crab Feed @Petaluma Holy Ghost/Portuguese Hall. $50 ($25 for kids.) 707-762-8521.

Sat, Jan 19 @5 p.m. - Petaluma 7-11 Lions Club @Petaluma Veterans Hall. $50. or (707-763-0564) or (707-765-1245.)

Sat, Jan 26 @5:30 - Duhnam School @Hermann Sons Hall. $55.

Sat, Jan 26 @6:30 - Sonoma Marin Italian Club @Petaluma Holy Ghost/Portuguese Hall. $45 (kids 12 & under are free.) (707-481-4514.)

Sat, Jan 26 @6 p.m. - Rancho Adobe Firefighters' Association @Penngrove Community Clubhouse. $60.

Tickets are available at the Penngrove Fire Station.

Sat, Jan 26 @5:30 p.m. - Boys & Girls Club @Lucchesi Park Clubhouse. $75 ($95 unlimited drinks.) or or (707) 528-7977.

Sat, Feb 2 @6 p.m. - PHS Athletic Boosters Club @Herzog Hall. $70.

707-888-8592 or

Sat, Feb 2 @5 p.m. - Pacific Empire Chorus @Petaluma Vets Hall. $50 ($60 door; $20 kids.)

Fri, Feb 8 @6:30 p.m. - Petaluma Woman’s Club @Petaluma Woman’s Club. $50. or through the clubhouse (707-762-4271) or (707-799-6077.)

Sat, Feb 9 @5:01 p.m. - Sons and Daughters of Italy, @Lucchesi Park Clubhouse. $50.

(707-585-2928) at

Sat, Feb. 9 @5 p.m. – or - 7 p.m. - Shoreline Acres Preschool @Tomales Town $45.

707-878-9442, or on Eventbrite.

Fri, Feb 15 @6 p.m. - Elks Lodge @Elks Lodge. $TBD.

Sat, Feb 16 @5:45 p.m. - Penngrove Social Firemen @Penngrove Community Clubhouse. $50.

Sat, Feb 16 @3:30 p.m. –or- 7 p.m. - Petaluma Holy Ghost Society, @Petaluma Holy Ghost/Portuguese Hall. $50.


Fri, Feb 22 @ 6 p.m. - Rotary Club of Petaluma @Petaluma Vets Hall. $65.

Sat, Mar 2 @5:30 p.m. - Waugh School @Lucchesi Park Clubhouse. $65.

Sun, Mar 3 @1 p.m. - Heidrun Meadery @Heidrun Meadery. Approx. $85.

Details are still in the works and tickets are offered to club members first, which is as good a reason as any to join their club.

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